Well, the Festivus Games are this Saturday at Red Dog Crossfit in Wake Forest. I went to Crossfit Durham today just to tune up and be active.

I skipped the assigned strength segment today on power cleans and spent a good 30 minutes working mobility top to bottom. No big deal though. I did discover two things while rolling out.

1) I don’t roll out or work on mobility enough at home. Today was a prime example of that. I tell myself I’ll wake up early and use the time that I would spend at the gym rolling out at mobility and stretching, but then I sleep in. That’s why I had to wake up and treat the morning like a normal gym visit.

2) Back Extensions on the Glute Ham Developer are a really painful way to discover I’ve been neglecting to roll out my thighs enough!

In among the mobility work, I did some double unders. Nothing too structured, sets of as many reps as possible, then rest one minute from the time of the miss. I think I did 5 sets. Runs ranged from 10-25 reps each. Those are pretty good numbers for me.

I did join the METCON

Row 3 500M sprints alternating with a partner.

The directions on the morning were: Try to row at about 85%. Match or improve the previous set. If any set is 5 seconds or more slower than the previous, then there’s a 10 burpee penalty.

It’s been so long since I rowed a 500 for time, I lost track of my 1RM. I was pretty confident it’s in the 1:40 range.

My times today were: 1:45, 1:42: 1:40. When I got home I checked my records. My current PR is 1:37, so those were right where they should be. Honestly, they make me eager to test a 1RM soon. I’ve got more to give there.

This competition is going to be very interesting and should be very entertaining. I’ve worked the WODs to the best of my ability. I have strategies in place for each. Nothing left to do now, but rest up and show up on game day.

Looking forward to sharing the day with Erin and friends, some of whom will be taking part in their first competition. I’m finding that this time around, my excitement and anticipation is not in the WODs themselves or  the idea of competing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to it, and I’m certain I’ll be all amped up on Saturday. But with regards to the competition itself, I don’t have the same sense of nerves that I’ve had in previous events. I’ve prepped. I’m familiar with how each WOD feels, so that’s taken the edge off the anticipation. I think that’s a good thing, too.

This time around my nerves are for Erin and my friends. I really want them to have a fantastic first experience. It’s going to be a very full day, but it should be a whole lot of fun.