The assigned work today was

Strength: Back Squats 4 sets of 4 reps at 80% of 1RM

I worked at 240#. Technically, that’s 76% of my 1RM, but it’s within striking distance of 80% and it meant that I could really attend to form and coming up out of the bottom of the squat fast.

Reps felt pretty good and Coach Ami had eyes on most sets and stated that they looked solid.

7 power cleans (135)
7 burpees
200M Run

Runs were the toughest element of this METCON for me. In my head, I WANTED to run them much faster than I did. Just couldn’t seem to get the legs to churn quicker. Ah well.

Ultimately, I finished 3 full rounds, 14 reps and was somewhere out on a final 200M run when time expired. I left the box with 40 seconds on the clock. I’m guessing that I completed 100M before time expired, but I don’t know.

Call it 3 rounds + 14 reps. I know all of that got done under the cap.

I’m smiling at myself and my attitude towards Monday/Wednesday workouts. Lately, I find I’m more conscientious about how I behave during those sessions now. See there’s a bootcamp class that runs concurrent with the 6:15 crossfit class on those days. I coach the 6:15 Friday crew and most of them are in the box on Mondays and Wednesdays getting in their other workouts of the week. I’m mindful of that as I work out. It’s little things like I try hard not to whine or grouse too much about the work of the day, even if I think what I’m saying is good natured in spirit. I just try to model the behavior as an athlete that I want in return from the athletes I coach. Lead by example, right?