It’s painful. It’s sweaty. You wonder if you’re really gonna make it all happen..and still, it just feels good.

Skill work: Hang Snatch – work up to 3 singles at 90% of 1RM

If you crossfit or practice Olympic lifting with any frequency, ask yourself, ‘how often do you get to say: snatches just felt good today?’ For me, the answer is, ‘almost never’. However, today was one of those magical almost mythical days.

Don’t get me wrong. None of my reps were perfect. I know that. I know my form still needs improvement. I still need to drop deeper and faster under the bar on heavy weights. But if you’ve read my blog at all you know that working from the hang for any lift is one of my least favorite things. It always feels foreign, incomplete, disjointed.

Yet today, all the pieces and steps seemed to line up and fit into place…and not just once, repeatedly! Man, that was a sweet feeling.

The best part about it was I felt confident in every rep. I don’t remember the last time I felt that way working the snatch. Most days I step up to the bar wondering, “where will it break down this time?” Then trying to salvage the lift when something goes hay wire. Today, each element seemed to happen as I wanted it to when I wanted it to. Very nice.

When the session was over, I had successfully completed the 3 assigned reps at 150#/90% of one rep max.

Run 800M
21 KB Snatches 52# Rx, each arm
Run 400M
15 KB Snatches each arm
Run 200M
9 KB snatches each arm

I had presumed that we would be free to alternate arms and reps at our discretion as long as we completed the assigned number of reps for both arms before taking off for the next run. With that in mind, I was planning on dividing the required reps by three and passing the KB back and forth between arms with a goal of going unbroken. So seven left arm, seven right arm and so on through the round of 21. However, Coach Lindsay let us know before starting that we were required to complete ALL reps on one arm before switching arms!

My reaction was, “Well, shit! That changes everything!” I spent the 800m run rethinking my strategy. In the end, I broke the sets up 11 and 10 each arm for the round of 21. I think I broke the round of 15 as 8 and 7 left arm, but 9 and 6 on the right. Round of 9 was unbroken on each side.

Runs were sluggish again today! That’s a bit disappointing and disconcerting coming off a full rest week. The 800M wasn’t bad. I brought it in just under 4 minutes. The 400M was over 2 minutes. That was disappointing. I don’t recall the time for the 200m. I’m not sure why running has been so challenging the last two days. My legs just feel heavy and I’m getting an ache across the top of my backside when I run. Annoying.

On a more positive note, know what else just felt right? Working outside! I considered taking my kettlebell out in the parking lot to work, but everyone else set up indoors. So I left mine inside too. I didn’t want to work out alone.

But as we set up for the 800M run Renee came out with her kettlebell and a chalk bucket! I was stationed on the far side walk for the start of the run, but I called over, “Renee, you’re doing the METCON with us?” She said she was! I think I actually hopped up and down on the sidewalk I was so excited. As soon as I returned from the run, I hauled my KB outside and we worked outdoors on a gorgeous Durham Spring morning! That was fantastic!

In the end, I completed the METCON in 13:13, Rx. I was an achy, sweaty, heaving mess when it was over and it felt pretty damn awesome!