See this bike? This bike is me. I’m Lil Bit and I’m six and this bike is everything that I am. Want to know about me? Then take a close look right here. This will tell you everything you need to know.

Lil Bit's Bike

Lil Bit’s prized possession

I’m a lady: Pink is one of my favorite colors…much to Mom’s chagrin. When I’m older I’m going to own a Mustang, a pink one…much to Dad’s chagrin.

I’m Resourceful: See that bell hanging off those useless ribbons that are always stuck on the handlebars of girls’ bikes? I tied that on there after the bell bracket broke after a wreck. The only time the bell rings now is when I ride too close to Mama’s van and it bumps the side…or I fall down. It doesn’t ring too much.

I’m Aggressive: See the wear in the tires? That doesn’t happen riding just three houses up to the right and back to the dead end of the cul-de-sac where Daddy says I can ride when I’m alone. To really wear tires like that, you have to ride the WHOLE block two extra houses down in the opposite direction. Ride all the way down to the intersection with the stop sign where Daddy says I can ride when he’s out in the front yard, or when my big brother is riding with me.

My big brother is allowed to ride to that corner all the time when he’s alone. I don’t care if he is twelve. I can ride to that corner too. So if Daddy’s in the house and you’re sure he’s not looking, you go for it. But if you do it, ya gotta ride FAST. Because you’re not supposed to go down there alone.

If you go, make it worth your while, though. Don’t just turn around at the stop sign. Pedal AROUND the intersection so that your wheels touch all four streets that make up the intersection. Just make sure you stop at every street and look both ways each time, because hey, let’s not be stupid.

I’m Fearless: See the mud everywhere? That doesn’t happen staying on the paved streets where the riding is easy. If you want an adventure, you’ve got to get off road. You earn mud spatter like that by pedaling upstream in the run off ditch after a thunderstorm. Even if it means crying out to Daddy for help when the water is over the chain and I couldn’t crank the pedals any more. Even if crying for help meant admitting that Daddy warned me that the water is deeper and faster than I thought and it probably was not a good idea to ride in there.

Some times you just have to know and you have to find out for your self. “How fast is the water? How deep can it really be?”

I’m Organized: See those envelopes in the basket? Mama and Daddy say those are the junk, recycling. They are return address envelopes that companies keep sending us even though we pay our bills electronically. Know what I think? I think those are “official papers!” Grown ups use those so they are IMPORTANT! So I keep them handy in case I need them.

I’m Growing: See how high the seat is extended up on that post? That’s it. It won’t go any higher. Santa, I hope you read this, because I’m going to need a new bike when this year is out. And when I get that bike, then I’ll be able to keep up with Daddy and Whirlwind on their bikes with gears! Then I’ll ride as far as I want to as long as I want to.