Today was a mental challenge. The METCON was plenty physical enough, but the real battle was in my own head.

Strength/Skill: Turkish Get Ups – Work up to a set of 5 reps either side as heavy as possible.

I was still feeling the effects of yesterday’s WOD (7,260 accumulated pounds of overhead squats). So I satisfied myself with working through a set of 5 reps each side at 40 pounds.

15 min cap
5 Rounds for Time

5 Hang Cleans (Full Squat) 135#
8 Toes To Bar

There were all sorts of reasons I tried to talk myself into sitting this out.

First, I maxxed myself out on Monday. I really kind of wanted to rest today.

I’m not a fan of squat cleans. They’re just so damn draining.

Cleans from the hang are even less motivating.

Toes to Bar are not a favorite movement either. I can do them, but not as well as I believe I SHOULD be able to do them.

For all of these reasons, I REALLY wanted to skip the workout today…and that’s exactly why I went.

I needed to squash all the excuses and do it.

I set up my bar with the prescribed 135#. I had been telling myself for 45 minutes that I could/should scale the weight. I even had 35# plates set aside nearby to allow myself to scale down on the fly, if necessary.

Would love to tell you I flew through it, but it was every bit as challenging as I anticipated.

In the middle of the second round, I almost walked out. Forget scaling, I was just going to walk away, but I kept going forward.

Finished the METCON in 12:53.

If I’m not exactly proud of the time, I am entirely satisfied with showing up and doing the work.