So Saturday we hosted a fantastic picnic. We spent the day laughing, drinking, grilling and joking with family and friends many of whom we know through Crossfit Durham.

One of the topics of the day was the oozing wound on my shin. It’s a bite from a box jump over a month ago that just won’t quite heal.

“You probably ought to get that looked at, man.”

“Yeah, I know. I probably will soon.”

I haven’t seen a doctor sooner is because the leg has gone through multiple cycles of improvement and worsening. Each time I thought I was in the clear, the next day it would start to swell again. Or alternatively, it would swell and redden a few days and I’d think, “OK, if it looks like that tomorrow, I’m calling the doctor.” I’ve gone in circles like this for 30 days.

Well, Saturday night after a day of outdoor merry making on a warm Spring day, once the kids were in bed and it was just Erin and I sitting around she said to me, “You know what you can give me for Mother’s Day tomorrow? Peace of mind. I want you to go to urgent care and get that looked at.” Internally, I had already made up my mind to call my general practicioner on Monday. Which I told her. We agreed that if the leg looked no better Sunday morning I would visit urgent care.

Sunday morning after a traditional Mother’s Day pancake breakfast I headed out. The doctor was very efficient and helpful. We elected not to drain the wound again. It has sealed again and being on the shin as it is, she felt the risk of opening it again and potentially exposing it to more infection outweighed the benefit of trying to force out any goo (I like to use the technical jargon where I can).

Ultimately, she prescribed an antibiotic and some topical cream. She was very clear that I could continue to work out, if I felt up to it. In fact, exercise would be to my benefit, because that would improve the circulation, the ‘lymph flow’ I think she called it, which would help the body remove the infection from the site. With that in mind, I had every intention of working out Monday and or Tuesday.

Problem is later Sunday afternoon the fever and the chills started. As a result, I have been sleeping very poorly. Trying to crawl out of bed at 5:15 each morning was just beyond me. That and the fact that some element of the WODs on Monday and Tuesday involved cleans. The idea of risking dragging or banging a barbell off my shins was just completely unappealing. As you would expect, that left shin is kind of tender right now. Of course we can always scale and modify, but right now, rest feels like the best alternative.

I tell you all of this so that you’ll be wiser than I have been.

If you get that seemingly innocent box jump bite, CLEAN IT! I did that when the injury first happened. But here’s where I made my mistake. Once you clean it, PROTECT IT!

I was lazy. I didn’t keep the wound covered. Over the course of the past month, I’ve been down on the gym floor, rubbing barbells against that leg etc. I simply haven’t been helping myself out. Be smarter than me.

No, really. That's getting better. You should have seen it Saturday

No, really. That’s getting better. You should have seen it Saturday