So last Tuesday, I posted this, a quick article about my infected leg wound.

As mentioned in that post, I didn’t work out Monday or Tuesday. I slept so poorly both nights getting up at 5:15 in the morning just wasn’t reasonable.

The Urgent Care doctor’s directions were, “This could take a few days to take effect. So take the antibiotics for a few days and see what happens.But if it doesn’t look better in a couple of days, then see your regular doctor. Keep working out if you can because the increased circulation will help the lymph flow to that area.”

So I took the prescribed antibiotics Sunday through Wednesday and kept a careful watch on my leg. It turned out to be very difficult to assess and define better for both Erin and I.

One day we would look at the leg and agree that the overall swelling had gone down, but the discoloration looked brighter more agitated. The next day the reverse would be true. The entire lower leg would be obviously swollen from knee to ankle, but the coloring didn’t appear as agitated. So the question we couldn’t answer was, “It’s certainly different, but is it better?”

I got good nights’ sleep both Tuesday and Wednesday night, so I made an attempt to work out Thursday. It wasn’t meant to be.

We were practicing double unders prepping for a METCON that had 150 of them planned in. I lashed my infected leg once and nearly cried it hurt so bad. I attempted a couple other warm up exercises with the group, but realized that I just didn’t trust my leg. So I excused myself and drove straight to my GP  and made a lunch time appointment to see my doctor.

At the appointment, I showed my doctor my leg and she seemed pretty startled. She assessed the leg, considered my current prescription and pondered the situation a bit.

I tried to break the tension by saying, “I’m really just hear to see whether I should head straight to the hospital or not.” I was hoping she would immediately respond with, “No. No, that won’t be necessary.” Instead she looked me in the eye and said, “Yeah, I’m really struggling with that right now, too.” Aw, shit!

Given I didn’t have a fever, shivers or any other symptoms and all of my standard vitals were normal, my doctor agreed to send me home. Before doing so, she doubled the dosage on my antibiotic, prescribed a second, and traced the outline of the infected area with a ball point pen.

I made a follow up appointment for 24 hours later and left with the following instructions, “Take those meds. You’re on 24 hour bed rest until you come back here tomorrow. If that leg doesn’t look significantly better when you come back, then you go straight to the hospital for intravenous antibiotics.”

Friday, the leg looked so much better! Still, I wasn’t confident that it had cleared enough that the doctor was going to let me remain home for the weekend. Fortunately, she was pleased with the progress and sent me home with the understanding that I have to continue the medications and report back on Wednesday for a follow up.

Well enough, that I was able to take part in the Southpoint Crossfit Open House WOD.

3-person Teams
20 Min AMRAP
400M Run
60 Tire Swings
60 Ball Slams
60 Burpees
60 AbMat Situps.

I went to the gym thinking it would be a game time decision whether I worked out or not. When I saw the WOD, I knew I had to take part. I mean, sledge hammer swings AND ball slams? These are two of my favorite movements and heaven knows I had some aggression/frustration to work out. This was perfect.

Our team consisted of me, my son and my mother! It was a special treat because this was the first time Mom and I have had a chance to WOD together! That was really cool!

We completed 1 full round and 123 reps. I was very proud of the effort we all put in and it was great to visit Coach Bea in her new box. Got to visit with some old friends as well, so that was a lot of fun.

Monday, May 18

Strength: Front Squat 1RM

My current 1RM is 250#. I worked successfully up to 240#. I took a shot at 255# and missed it. While my leg felt fine, I found that I was hyper concerned with it. At the heaviest weights, the thought kept running through my head, “is the leg ok? Is the leg all right?” Not exactly the confident mindset you need when chasing a PR. So I have no complaints.

15 Min Cap

200M Offset Farmers Carry (62/52)
15 burpee box jump overs (24#)

So an offset Farmers Carry means that you’re carrying different weights in each hand. Those were a first. I kind of liked them, too.

I waffled all morning about what I would do for the box jumps. At first, I told Coach Doug, I wasn’t going to tempt fate and perhaps I would do over the bar burpees. But then I realized there was no barbell in the METCON, so that would have been extra gear.

Then I tinkered with the idea of just doing burpees. The reality was though, that even though my leg is wrapped and protected, I really didn’t like the idea of getting down on the floor and exposing the leg to who knows what (more on that shortly). Finally, I settled on burpee step overs. I kept them well under control ensuring to carefully place my feet each and every step.

Ultimately, finished the METCON in 13:55. I’ll take it.

Random Rant

Some folks have commented in passing that I have been cavalier about this injury. I assure you, I have not. So, let me try and line this all up so folks undertand how this all went down.

I scraped the leg on a box jump about 5 weeks ago. The moment it happened I stopped working out, cleaned the wound, sprayed it with antiseptic spray and wrapped it. Some folks like to suggest that crossfit is dangerous because box jump bites are fairly common. Let me point out. I could have just as easily scraped my shin this way banging it on the car door, slipping on the steps of the deck, or getting clawed by the dog while playing. Life happens.

The infection set in sometime WELL after the inital scrape. I took part in the Festivus Games a week after getting injured and there was no swelling, no discoloration and I had one of the best days of my crossfit career that day.

Somewhere after Festivus I got lazy about maintaining/protecting the cut. THAT’S where I made my mistake and that’s when the infection set in.

Did I pick something up at the box? Possibly. Did I pick something up in the yard doing yard work in shorts with an uncovered wound? Possibly. Did I pick something up lying around on an unvaccummed living room floor? Possibly. Guess we’ll never know. My point is, don’t try to tie the infection to the gym. The logic doesn’t work. Anyway….

Sometime in the last four weeks the cut got infected. I knew it, but up until a week ago the infection was very localized limited to the area immediately around the cut.

It wasn’t until a week ago when we were hanging around with friends that we could all see that something was clearly wrong. So I went to the doctor the next day and well, you know the story from there.

I reject the suggestion that I was somehow reckless or consciously irresponsible in managing this. Yeah, I lost track of it somewhere along the way and that lead to the infection, but once it was apparent that home based first aid wasn’t going to cure the situation I sought medical attention and follwed my provider’s directions to the letter. As I will continue to do.

I’m looking forward to healing fully and putting this one behind me. It’s been a hell of a learning experience. You can rest assured that I will not take basic first aid for granted in the future.