Mostly I went to the gym today to reset some sort of normal schedule, I’m just trying to re-establish a routine. Things have been so erratic, now that my leg is feeling better, I’m starting to feel greedy about gym time again. That’s a good thing, I think.

Front Squat
6-6-6 @ 75% 1RM
I worked up to the assigned percentage which equates to 190#. I did two sets of six and that was enough for today working on legs that are still recovering from Monday’s Murph effort.

Depth felt kind of shallow, but Coach Ami was watching both sets and gave me the thumbs up, so I’ll take her at her word.

Bar Facing Burpees (95/65)
Power Snatch
Time cap of 16 minutes

I knew this one was going to be rough. I underestimated just how rough. As I mentioned on someone’s FB page earlier in the day, when you catch yourself mid-WOD saying, “I’ll catch my breath during the snatches,” you know you’re fighting hard. Still, it was good to do.

I was very creaky going into the box this morning.  So for me, the words of the day for today’s METCON were cautious and meticulous. I was exceedingly careful about form and avoiding mistakes that would get me hurt. It’s not that I’m not careful on other days. It’s simply that today getting hurt seemed like it would be easier than most. So I concentrated extra hard to avoid it.

Burpees are frequently a slog for me. Today they were exceptionally so. I was careful to ensure that every rep was a two footed hop over the bar. No step overs. But there was this pause every time I set my feet to sort of check off, “Ok, feet are set? Good. Now, JUMP!” There was nothing fluid in the burpees today. They were almost 6-count burpees because of the concentration required.

I did the snatches at the prescribed weight and actually enjoyed those. It was interesting. My arms are still quite sore and tired from all of Monday’s work. That meant I didn’t have my normal high pull. That forced me to drop deeper and faster under the bar and ultimately it resulted in what felt like better form. Funny how those things work out.

I scaled pull ups to ring rows with my feet on the floor. I did all rounds in sets of three, but not equal sets.

I didn’t complete the METCON and I’m totally ok with that. I posted a score of 134 on the white board at the gym. But on the ride home once my brain had cleared, I realized that I grossly miscalculated. I completed the rounds of 21 and 15 for burpees and snatches. I was 8 burpees into the round of nine when time expired. So if I’m doing the math correctly now, that was 116 reps. At least that’s what I posted to Facebook where the gym posted the link to the WOD.

As sore as I am today, it still felt good to get back in motion. Planning on working out tomorrow, then coaching on Friday.

From there, I have to really sit down, look at my schedule as well as the family calendar and dial in what the regular routine is going to be. I’m feeling disorganized and a bit frantic about when I’m going to get my gym time in. I’ll feel better once I can iron that out.