Tough tough workout today. It was a shorter heavier version of Fran. It was every bit as difficult as I was anticipating.

Strength: Back Squat 1RM

Worked up to wo successful lifts at 295. Those I’m counting. That’s just 20lbs short of my all time best, so I’m satisfied with that. I lifted 305, but was shallow and failed to break parallel on that lift, so we won’t count that.

I was tentative during the back squats. Soon as I went beyond 80% of 1RM I was very cautious. I did two lifts at each weight and each time the second lift was better than the first.

There was lots of mental noise as I was doing the first lifts.

“How does it feel?”

“I think it’s ok.”

“Is that squat deep enough yet?”

“Well, it certainly isn’t deep enough for Saturday’s powerlifting competition, but it’s below parallel. Time to turn around.”

“CAN I turn around? Is it starting up?”

“It’s starting up. Keep going.”

With all of this going on in my head, Lindsay observed that my first lifts had lots of extra motion. I would get to the bottom of my squats forward in my feet, rock back into my heels, then start my ascent by raising my hips. Realize that was wrong, I would straighten myself, get my hips forward correctly positioned under me, then stand.

There was just lots of wiggle and extra motion.

The second time around at each weight, there was just more confidence. There was a sense of, “Ok. We just did this. We can do it again. This time do it right.”

In the end, it wasn’t a bad session. Just need to get more confidence the first time through.


Thrusters 135#
Weighted Pull Ups (45#)
12 Min Cap

The word of the day for today’s METCON was “scale.” As I said earlier today, this one was just ornery. Didn’t help that my pull ups seem to have evaporated. Seems like I used up my 30 day pull up allotment during last Monday’s Murph. I just didn’t have them at all today.

On my best day, I don’t have 36 strict deadhang bodyweight pull ups. Trying to find a way to add weight and do a kipping pull up just wasn’t going to happen, but man I sure tried.

During the back squats I experimented with different weights and different ways of holding those weights and nothing worked. I tried hooking my toe through the handle of a 25# kettlebell. I tried holding a 10# dumb bell between my thighs, then my knees, then my feet. I tried the kettlebell again strapped into a weight belt. I tried using a heavy chain draped over my shoulder. They just weren’t there. I decided to just do kipping pull ups. Even that proved to be a heck of a challenge. I was doing single reps by the end of the round of twelve.

For thrusters, I started the METCON with a barbell set up at 125#. I think I got 7 reps in when I stripped that down to 115#. By the end of the time cap I was doing thrusters in pairs.

When the 12 minutes was over, I had completed the work through the 9 thrusters. Truth be told, I’m satisfied that I stayed in motion and didn’t just walk away from this one. Some days it’s enough to say, “I stuck with it.”