Man, what a difference a few days can make. I’ve spent four weeks on antibiotics trying to recover from this leg infection. I got a prohibitive all clear from the doctor on Thursday. I say prohibitive because I was directed to finish the full course of prescribed antibiotics and call immediately if I see any sort of swelling or discoloration that might signify a relapse. Well, I took the last capsule on Friday and since then have felt absolutely spectacular.

My head is clearer. I’m sleeping better. My digestive system is getting back on track. I just feel right again. This recovery process has been a real surprise to me. This is the first time in my life I can recall being on prescribed medication for that long. It wasn’t much fun. I understand the necessity and I’m grateful that it helped heal me. At the same time, this is the first time I can think of where I can remember really feeling the effects of a medication and having to muddle through them. I don’t think I’ve ever been this in tune to my body and what it needs.

The only thing that didn’t change over the last month was my appetite and that was unfortunate. Because while I was only working out once or at most twice a week. I continued to eat as if I were exercising four times a week. Now I have some ground to make up there. Ah well.

So how did I celebrate this recharged feeling? With a workout among friends and family of course!

I organized an unofficial WOD called the En-Tire Mile where you take one of the gym’s massive tractor tire, get as many friends together as you can and in pairs or teams of three take turns flipping the tire down the street for a total distance of a mile! No time cap, no real restrictions or requirements beyond, “flip the tire for a mile.” This was a lot of work and in my opinion a spectacular amount of fun.

The En-Tire Mile is a bit of a reboot in its own right. Some friends of mine, most of which have moved on to other boxes, used to do this WOD annually. I never got to take part due to schedule conflicts or whatever, but I’ve always wanted to attempt it. So I organized a group of friends and we went at it on Sunday.

We had 6 adults and The Whirlwind flipping. It took us one hour and three minutes to complete this course. Each team would flip the tire three times, then make way for another team to move in and go to work. We rotated this way throughout the morning. While the workout was tough, it wasn’t at all punishing. It was very manageable. I’ve taken part in many far more demanding WODs, either Hero or regular Crossfit WODs. A fourth team would have made the whole thing down right pleasant.

We had some nice laughs along the way. This was a great group and we were bantering and joking with each other all morning. There weren’t too many pedestrians out at 10am on a Sunday morning, but there were some. A few predictably suggested that things would be much easier if we rolled the tire. A couple of employees at the neighboring barbecue joint laughed at us. One of them called out how he had plenty of experience practicing with tires when he played football for UNC. We invited him to come play with us, but he chose not to.

The best pedestrian interaction came about halfway through the WOD. There were a pair of silver-haired ladies walking up the sidewalk behind us. We declared a pedestrian time out to allow them to pass. One of the women bent down as if to lift the tire. I immediately jumped into position alongside her and said, “Let’s do this.”

She started to laugh and back up but I wouldn’t let her bail out. I said, “C’mon. You and I are going to lift this together!”

She got back into position and together we flipped the tire! There were cheers, laughs and high-fives exhanged all around. Then the ladies went on their way and we proceed along ours.

I live for those sort of spontaneous moments.Those chances when I get to truly be something of an ambassador for this thing I love. Those are the best!

This really was just a great way to spend a pretty Sunday Durham morning. My family was there. Erin and her partner Nikki absolutely dominated that tire! My buddies John and Nat were there from other gyms. Those guys made a hell of a team too. One of my favorite workout partners Greg was there. The kids got to accompany us and Whirlwind more than shared his fair share of the load working with two different teams! It was just a spectacular way to get back into the swing of things. Monday’s workout was a nice follow up.

Monday, June 8

Strength: 1 RM Defecit Deadlift

Worked all the way up to a single rep at 345#! I was totally stoked with that. My standard deadlift all time best is 385#. So this felt like it was right where it should be. Plus coming off all of last month’s health issues, I consider that a serious win.

10 Min AMRAP
10 burpees
20 Push Balls (20#)

I pulled off 5 full rounds plus 17 additional reps. I’m pretty good with that. I do feel like I’m still recovering my endurance and that’s holding me back right now. I rested more than I would normally be satisfied with, but for today, it was ok.

Like yesterday’s workout, mostly it felt good to be back in motion and feeling mostly normal.

Random Notes:

I’m looking ahead at the next few months and working out my schedule of monthly events. July is set. I’m registered for the Crossfit Kids Certification course mid-month. August is coming into focus. The gym will be hosting another Crossfit Total at the end of the month. That’s far enough off that I can prepare properly and make hopefully make a solid showing, I’d still like to find another crossfit competition, ideally a team event. But we’ll see what comes up.

June is the challenge. I don’t have anything lined up for this month! I missed the registration for the Firestarter Challenge coming up this Saturday. Doesn’t matter. After the May I’ve had, I’m no where near prepared to go this weekend. There’s a team competition on June 20, but I didn’t expect to be around for that, so I didn’t prepare for that. We’ll have to see what else may present itself in the next few weeks. I may only end up pulling off a competition/event in 11 months. I think I can get an alibi for health and recovery issues.