Tuesday I was crowing about how good I felt and how proud I felt to scale up a workout. Today I ate crow. Perhaps it was more like a monster serving of humble pie.

From a more positive perspective, I was listening to my body today and responded accordingly rather than be bull-headed.

Hang Power Snatch

3 singles at 90% of 1RM

I never got close to the assigned weights. Everything just felt creaky and slow today. I’m also fighting a rotator cuff issue in my left shoulder. It’s been a persistent thing for quite some time, but there have been more pressing health issues to work through first. But now it’s time to attend to this. High pulls just plain hurt, at any weight. Basically anything where I’m pulling my elbow back and up past the shoulder is no fun at all. I consulted with Dr. Spicher today. She prescribed some rehabilitation exercises and to lay off the snatches and similar exercises for a while. We’ll see how it goes. Looks like I’ll be scaling things for a bit.

I think I did a pair of lifts at 95#, then a sloppy single at 115# and decided that was enough of snatches today. Well below my 1RM of 165.


3 rounds for time

7 Full Squat Clean and Jerks (205 Rx)
7 bar muscle ups

So 205# is my all time clean PR. No way I was going to do that 21 times. So I scaled that back to 155#.

I don’t have bar muscle ups either, so I scaled those to jumping bar muscle ups from the top of a 24″ box with a 45# plate on it. The muscle ups were great fun! I really liked the feeling of getting over the bar and making that transition just to get a feel for the sensation. Very cool.

Before the METCON I warmed up a few cleans at 135# and then moved up to 155#. That’s 75% of my 1RM and right in the window for the intended scale for this METCON. It should have been doable. Tough, but doable. For reasons I still don’t fully understand, the cleans just ate me up.

When the clock started, after completing the first round of jumping muscle ups, I made one successful lift at 155#, then missed two. I stripped of 20# and made one good lift at 135#. I missed the next two getting knocked on my ass each time. It was then that I decided that I was done. I just didn’t have it today.

I sat a while thinking about the lifts replaying the misses in my head. Each time my left side was collapsing. Last Sunday I felt something in that left hip pop while doing some back squats and at the time I wondered, “Hmmm, did I just free, or screw, something up there?” It hasn’t effected me all week, so I don’t think that’s the issue. But my left side was definitely weak today top to bottom.

After sitting a while, I went back and did a second set of jumping bar muscle ups, but my head wasn’t really in it. I was thinking about cleans and not really concentrating on the bar. I did three and on the way down from the third rep I missed my box. I nearly crashed to the floor. I decided then, “Nope. I’m done. All done.” I sat down and watched the rest of the group complete the work.

I’m bummed I didn’t complete the WOD, but not too much so. I’m more relieved that I listened to my body and didn’t try to charge through risk really screwing something up. Survive to WOD another day. Lesson for today.