So my leg feels good. Which means it’s finally time to address a long-nagging shoulder issue.

Overhead Squat
4 sets of 3 AHAP

So I have been diagnosed as having an aggravated left rotator cuff. It’s been a nagging thing for months. But recently it’s hit a point where basic mobility work and home remedies no longer alleviate the pain and I don’t want this to get worse, so it’s time to deal with it.

Given that diagnosis I elected to sit out this section of the workout. I did my prescribed rehab exercises, then I did a bit of tumbling. I didn’t have a plan for for that though and my heart wasn’t all that into it. So I gave that up fairly quickly and used the time to focus on additional mobility.

10 DB Snatches (40#)
20 Box Jumps (24″)

So all high pull motions are painful right now. For folks not familiar with that terminology, any pulling motion (Imagine zipping up your jacket) where my elbow rises above and behind my shoulder is painful. Not debilitating painful, but painful enough that I don’t want to live with it anymore. It’s not serious but the doctor and I are just trying to ensure that it doesn’t become serious.

So we’re treating it with rehab exercises and avoiding all the exercises that strain the muscles. Fortunately, Crossfit is infinitely scalable, so Coach Lindsay and I decided that I would do the dumbbell snatches, but only on the right side.

Snatches went SO fast! It felt as if I spent about 2 of the 12 minutes doing snatches today and about 10 doing box jumps! Whew.

When time expired, I had completed 6 full rounds even. I’m good with that.

Snatches were all done unbroken. Box Jumps nearly so. I did do box jumps for all 12 minutes. I never reverted to step ups. There were some times where I paused longer than strictly necessary before making the next jump, but I never walked away from my box.

This shoulder injury is a unique experience.

On the down side

1) I’m really getting tired of moving from injury to illness to injury. I feel like I’m pulling never-ending maintenance on a vehicle here. It’s growing tiresome. I would just like to be injury and illness free for a while.

Looking outward I know it’s been a long time since I’ve run into a stretch of luck like this with my health. So in the grander scheme of things, I’m actually very grateful for my health. Still, there have been an uncharacteristic number of visits to a growing number of health care providers over the past 8 weeks or so.

2) Swimming – I was really disturbed yesterday to discover that it hurts to swim and therefore I need to avoid it. I was raised as a water baby. I was swimming before I could walk. Even when I was at my heaviest, I could swim and feel good about myself. I felt smooth, graceful and comfortable in the water. It was a sanctuary. To be in the water yesterday and be uncomfortable was very troubling.

On the up side:
1) It’s an interesting lesson in scaling, which hopefully I can transfer to my coaching. I keep asking myself, OK. If an athlete you trained came to you and said, “I can’t lift overhead on my left side”, How would you help them scale?

2) This is not a serious injury at present. So hopefully by attending to it now, we can resolve it quickly.

3) I can still most things. I need to stay focused on what I can do, not obssess over what I can’t do.

Other Random Notes:

Despite the shoulder, I’m looking ahead to what competitions or events I may participate in down the road. Investigating a Master’s event in Concord late in September. I’m wondering what other events are out there later this Summer and into Autumn.

We’re instituting something new at Crossfit Durham. All of the coaches were given the chance to submit a signature benchmark WOD. They’re going to be worked into the gym’s schedule over the next few months. I’m pretty pleased with my submission (no spoilers). I won’t be around when they do it, so I won’t get to experience it with folks first-hand, but I look forward to hearing how folks respond.