The family is on Summer vacation. I’m exercising some of my Summer vacation rituals.

Sunday, July 29

After 13 hours of driving on Saturday, I just wanted to put my body in motion some. Nothing crazy, nothing too aggressive.

I chose to do the Mov Nat Beginner Workout Level 1 again.

The work out consists of 3 Rounds of:

Lateral Sit Reverse – 8 reps
Rotational Bridge – 8 Reps
Standing/Kneeling Variations – 8 Reps
Vertical Jump – 4 reps
Broad Jump – 4 Reps
Side Swing Hang – 10x

You can find the full demo video here

The weather has been very rainy here. Sunday was a 60-ish degree day with a light mist falling when I went out in the yard. I actully enjoyed that. Somehow being out in the wet grass and the mist added to the workout. Mov Nat is all about the idea of getting the human animal outdoors and back into nature. The smell of the wet grass, the chill in the air added to the morning.

The lateral sit reverses are the most challenging move physically for me. Doing those really emphasizes my lack of mobility through my hips. Good information to have, though.

I omitted the side siwng hangs as I couldn’t locate a satisfactory branch or support from which I could hang.

Going through all of the standing/kneeling variations felt great on my legs and knees after all of the driving the day before.

Tuesday, July 31

3 x 400M Runs (work/rest 1:1)
2 x 200M Runs (Work/rest 1:1)

This was a workout that they did at Crossfit Durham on Monday. The weather Tuesday was again 60 degrees and actively raining. Not ideal running conditions, but I figured, “Hey, I’m running on a newly constructed high school track. My friends were running on an inclined broken sidewalk and likely in the Durham heat when they did this. So it’s a wash. No excuses.”

When I say it was raining, I mean well and truly raining. Here’s the view from the van.

Soggy tracks make for soggy sneakers

Soggy tracks make for soggy sneakers

Because of the rain, I was not motivated to stay out on the track longer than necessary. I didn’t take the time to warm up and prepare as I otherwise would, but again, no excuses.

I did a minute of single unders, just a couple of token stretches, then walk/jogged the track one time before getting down to it.

I ran the 400’s in times of: 1:45, 1:41 and 1:47 respectively. Those are not very good times, but they were consistent, so ok.

I ran the 200’s in times of :51 and :47 seconds respectively. Again, slow times.

In the end, I’m just giving myself credit for getting out and exercising whle on vacation despite the soggy weather. It would have been easy to just ditch the workouts.

Random Thoughts:

1) No Funky Shorts Road Show this week- the nearest sanctioned/registered Crossfit gym is 30 miles away. I’ve been there before. While I had a fine time working out there, I can develop my own workouts just fine here at my inlaws and not sacrifice all of the extra time away from family.

2) Hoping the weather clears by Friday. One of the work outs I want to try is an Aerial Ropes course at the local ski resort. I did it about 3 years ago and I survived it. I’d like another shot at it now to see if I can traverse it in a more skilled and efficient way.

3) Studying up for the Crossfit Kids cert in another week and a half. Really looking forward to that. I’m very curious to compare and contrast it to the Level 1 Cert in February.