After yesterday’s WOD, I had fairly low expectations of myself. I was pleasantly surprised with the day’s results.

Just getting to the box was the biggest hurdle on the day. Last night I signed up for the 6am group. This morning I woke up shortly after 5. Got dressed and ready to go, then lay back down. That was my mistake.

Right then I thought, “I don’t NEED to go to the 6am class. The kids are out of school. I don’t have to rush back to get them out the door. I can sleep another hour and make the 7:15 class.” So I switched my registration, reset my alarms and dozed until some time after 6.

Call it holiday hangover. Call it taking advantage of Summer hours. Whatever. It is what it is. I still got to the gym this morning, so I’m counting that as a win.

Hang Power Clean
2-2-2-2 @ 80% 1RM

80% would be 160#. I worked up to 155# for the working sets.

I’m really enjoying working under Coach Doug’s guidance this Summer. Feel like he’s really helping me understand my personal mechanics better and my technique is improving accordingly.

4 rounds for time
Row 500m
15 Push press (135/95)
Time cap of 15 minutes

On paper, I liked the look of this METCON. Both of these exercises are strengths of mine. However, I arrived at the box in time to see the last half of the 6am crew’s session. No one finished within the time cap and none of the men were working at the prescribed weights. That left me wondering about how I should approach it.

I tested a few push presses at 135 during the clean work. I could tell immediately that it would be a mistake to try and run the WOD Rx. I elected to go at 115#.

Rows were pretty efficient and very consistent. I completed all 4 right at or just under my 2 minute target at a pace of 20-23 strokes per minute. I was very satisfied with that.

Push presses were erratic. First set I think went 8 and 7 reps. The other rounds were done in 3 sets, but the counts were improvised each round. So were the rests. By that I mean some times I rested with the bar racked. Some times I dropped it. The only consistent part was the interval of rest. 5 steadying breaths, then go.

It wasn’t pretty, but it worked. I finished in 13:08. Pretty satisfied with that.

Wednesday will definitely be a rest day and I’m spending every available gap in my work day today rolling out with my foam roller or lacrosse ball.