I haven’t written in a week again? We’ll chalk that up to summer vacation. More concerning is that I haven’t recorded a workout since I last posted. I did the work. Of late, I’m just not writing it down unless it’s a true benchmark. More on habits later.

Thursday, July 9

3-3-3-3-3 @ 85% 1RM

There were some scheduling challenges this day, so I ended up opening the gym for the athletes, leading them through warm ups and providing some coaching on their strength segment.

When the coach of the day arrived I transitioned over to this, but due to time constraints only completed 4 sets. I didn’t record my weight, so I’m not sure what percentage I was using.

On the 2 Minute for 20 Minutes
2 Muscle Ups
5 Power Cleans (185/135)

If I remember correctly, I think I did four one arm ring rows here as a muscle up sub and did power cleans at 135. I probably could have used a bit more weight here, but I was trying to protect my shoulder. I had at least a minute of rest each round, but not much more than that.

Friday, July 10
Back Squat
2-2-2-2 @ 95% 1RM

Did these at 275, which is 87% of 1RM. Coach Doug observed, “either your working light or your one rep max is much higer than you think it is.”

I answered honestly. “I’m a little light here based on what’s prescribed, but I’m hoping it’s a bit of both.”

With a partner, take turns rowing:

I enjoyed these sprints! The only time I recall is the 500. I finished in 1:40. That’s very fast for me. I haven’t checked old journals to see if it’s a PR, but it’s close.

I didn’t note the other times as we switched on and off.
Monday, July 14

Overhead Squat
10-10-10-10 @ 60% 1RM
These were done Rx today at 100#. That might have been pushing my shoulder a bit too aggressively, but all in all I was pleased with these.

4 Rounds:
Round 1/2:
20 Ring Dips
Ladder Run (25/50/100m turnaround) – 350m total per round
Round 3/4:
10 Ring Dips
Ladder Run (50/100/200m turnaround) – 700m total per rounD
Time cap of 20 minutes

This one was weird. At first I subbed one-arm ring rows for the dips, but after the first round those felt too easy relative to the rest of the group. I got out of the box well ahead of the rest of the class.

For the remaining rounds I did dips using a bench with my feet on the floor and my back to the bench. That felt fine for my shoulder. However I finished this METCON in less than half the assigned time.

I find it tough to accept that I dominated this workout that much. Physically and mentally I’m just not in that kind of place right now. While I thought I did all the assigned work, I’m guessing I missed a long sprint somewhere (possibly the first 100M) and in hindsight, perhaps I should have found a more aggressive sub for the dips.

That being said, everyone in the early crew finished well below the 20 min cap, so perhaps that was simply too generous today.

What’s Going On?
-) I’m finding focus and discipline to be really challenging this Summer. It’s effecting my diet, my record keeping, my effort. I am however putting some plans in place to help get back on track.

1) New Events on the Calendar:

I’m doing a 35 mile bike ride on Aug 8 with some friends. I need to prep for that. My bike hasn’t come out of my shed in three years other than to ride around the block with my kids.

I’m doing the CFD crossfit total on Aug 29. I’ve got six weeks to get serious and get ready. That will help!

I’m looking at crossfit events late in September and October. Staying focused on those will help, mostly with my diet. Having things that close together will keep me focused when I’m choosing my food.

I’m having a hard time working out what events I want to try. There is a master’s event in September that’s interesting, but it’s two hours away and individuals only. I’m really kind of jonsing for a team event, but currently have not team mates lined up. So I’m not sure.

Same for October. The fall Festivus competition is going on in October. i enjoyed that tremendously last April, but there’s an event with scaled team options going on the same day, so I’m not certain which I’ll do.

2) Taking on New Coaching Slots
I’m taking on coaching the 6am crossfit class on Wednesdays starting tomorrow. Filling my calendar with another slot or two is going to actually force me to set a better schedule and get into a more fixed routine about when I work out.

One of the biggest excuses this Summer has been, “I’ve got time. I’ll do it later today.” Then I don’t. There have been too many days this summer where I signed up for the early class, then woke up cancelled my enrollment telling myself, “I’ll go to the 7:15 class,” Then I’ve woken up to go to those and said, “ah, I’ll just stay home and do something here.” Inevitably, I don’t.

My current plan now that summer travel is done is

Sunday: Erin and I go to the gym together. We both need the accountability partner.
Monday: It’s one rep max day. Never miss one rep max day. I need to be doing this at the 6am session.
Wednesday: I coach at 6, then stay and work out at 7:15. If I’m already there, there’s no excuse for walking away without doing the WOD.
Friday: Same as Wednesday. I’m coaching the first bootcamp class of the day. So no excuses, I will stay for the 7:15.

This should get me back into a set 4 workout per week schedule, at least until school starts again in late August, then we’ll see. I am definitely best when I have a set routine. I just can’t allow myself to pick on a day by day basis.

Random Musing:
So last week I was out with the crew for drinks on Thursday night. A couple friends were drinking their recovery drinks from Mason Jars. My first thought was: “That’s brilliant! Perfect shaker bottles! Convenient, awesome!”

My next thought was, “it sounds like a Jeff Foxworthy joke.” You know what I mean, “If you drink your protein shake from a Mason jar, you might be a redneck crossfitter.” For the record, my friends who were using the jars definitely are not rednecks.

That’s got me wondering though what other redneck crossfit jokes could we write.

The only other one I could come up with was: “If you bolt the tire you flip, back on your truck at the end of your WOD, you might be a redneck crossfitter.”

How about you? What redneck or other regionally idiosynchratic jokes can you write? Whatcha got for me?