Today was full of twists and looking at things from different angles (literally and figuratively).

Handstand Pushup scaling and practice

As directed by Coach Doug, I did a few extended handstand holds, in the neighborhood of 20 or 30 seconds I’d guess.

Then we moved on to some negatives, those were uneventful, but they annoyed my sore shoulder, so I sat out a couple of those.

From there we were directed to attempt some kipping HSPU’s. I haven’t acheived these yet, but today was the closest I’ve been.

I was able to get my head a couple inches off the abmat on which I was set up as well as lower myself back to the mat, not just crash. I also managed to NOT crane my neck during the kip. This is important. Not craning my neck means I successfully avoided smacking my head against the wall behind me; which I’m inclined to do. So it was a day of small progress and improvements.

2-2-2-2 @ 95% 1RM

Four sets of two reps at 95% of my 1RM frankly sounded completely unattainable to me. If someone is lifting 95% of their max, I wouldn’t expect them to be able to lift it 8 times. For what it’s worth, I’m not sure anyone accomplished this, but a few got close.

Since that was the direction on the day, I made my best run at it. In the end, I successfully pulled 345 for two singles, missing two attempts along the way.

345 is just shy of 90% of my all time 1RM of 385. At first I was annoyed that I couldn’t even get to the 95% mark. I was also disappointed that I lifted it so few times. Then I got to thinking about it. First, Doug really helped me improve my initial set up and the two lifts I did stick felt good. I was further back in my stance with my weight down and back a bit which meant that hips and shoulders rose together, rather than letting my butt rise first.

Secondly, I have since researched it here on the blog and in my journals. I haven’t successfully deadlifted more than 315 pounds in MONTHS. So in that respect, today was a real success! As I said earlier, perspective.

For Time:
2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20 (evens) Jumping Air Squats (with 90 degree turn each rep)
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Handstand Pushups

This was a fun METCON!

Since I don’t have HSPU’s Coach Doug tasked me (and some others) to do max time handstand holds every round as a substitution. This was truly a dizzying experience. I don’t have all the hold times recorded, but I know the first one was 50 seconds. The second around 40 and all of the subsequent holds were a minimum of 20 seconds. Some went a bit longer, but I refused to let myself drop down any earlier than 20 seconds.

Jumping Air Squats were cool up until the round of ten and to that point I was able to do them unbroken. From 10 up my hips started to cramp up and I had to slow my pace and shake my legs out a bit to keep going forward.

There was a ten minute cap. When it had expired, I had just completed the 18 jumping squats. The clock ran out as I was walking to the wall for another hold.

I found it kind of entertaining to spend so much time upside down today.