Some days you have to examine yourself closely to work out what the best course of action may be.

Case in point: Monday. I was signed up for the Monday 6am session. I knew that the strength segment would be to test for a new 1RM deadlift. I wasn’t crazy about the toes to bars in the METCON. They seem to be showing up frequently in the recent programming. But, hey! Heavy deadlifts? Oh yeah.

I’m not sure what happened in my sleep. I don’t recall any particular disturbing dreams. I slept soundly through the night. But when the alarm went off Monday morning I was in a FOUL mood the instant my feet touched the floor.

Call it the Stormy Monday Blues, a blue funk, bad attitude whatever. I was just one huge raw nerve and I could feel that every little thing was going to piss me off.

I turned off the alarm and stood around for a full two minutes going back and forth about whether I should go to the gym or not.

“Go, man. If you hit a good deadlift, that will make the whole day better.”

“And if I don’t, then this shitty day is just that much worse.”

It took a while, but I finally decided it wasn’t fair to shove my lousy attitude on my friends at the gym, so I went back to bed…and spent the next 90 minutes lying there berating myself for not going to the gym.

It was just one of those days.

Tuesday – I woke up with a much better attitude.

Strength: Back Squat; 4 sets of 10 reps at 60% of 1RM

Coach Lindsay watched my early warm ups and warned that I was doing a bit of a ‘butt wink’ at the bottom of my squat. That has never been an issue before.

We tweaked my lift a bit and it was mostly better from there on out, but reappeared randomly from time to time. Hopefully, it was just a quirk of the day.

METCON – 21-15-90
Kettlebell Snatches (70#-Rx)
Double Tap Burpees

Kettlebell snatches were all done on the right side to protect my left shoulder and I scaled the weight back to 62#. I surprised myself and did all the swings unbroken once the clock started.

Double Tap Burpees are a funky little variation. We did ours a bit differently than the video demo provided. In the demo video you drop your chest to deck, come back up to plank and then do two mule kicks, then back to plank, jump your feet to your hands and then stand.

What we did was:

1) Go chest to deck
2) Jump your hands back to your feet
3) Jump them back to plank
4) Go chest to deck
5) Jump your hands back to your feet stand

Basically, if done by the numbers, it was an 8 count burpee.

They were new, so in that respect, they were fun. Nice to add a little spice to the same old thing. Relative to the snatches, these took so long to work through!

There was a ten minute cap on the WOD and I finished in 9:07 for the quickest time in the 6am session.

Random Thoughts:

I spend way too much time attached to too many screens. I need to disconnect some.

Last night for the first time in as long as I can remember, after Lil Bit was tucked in, I shut my laptop off and stashed it on the far end of the house. I pulled up some old school blues on my phone and set it as far across the room from myself as possible. Then I stretched out on the couch and just listened to music for an hour. Really listened. I reconnected with songs that I had forgotten were meaningful to me. I spent a good solid hour using my ears and not my eyes for input and it was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.

Why is that relevant here? Because I know myself. In order to really disconnect from all the screens and reset some of my nasty habits, I’m going to have to severely limit myself.

I’m not going to lie to anyone and say I’m going cold turkey from social media etc. I can not.

Social media is a job requirement. I have to stay connected. Additionally, social media is my virtual water cooler. I work alone at home. From time to time connecting online gives me that mental respite. But I’ve got to curtail how often I’m online and how many windows I’m leaving open at one time. There are simply too many inputs on too many channels.

What does that mean here? Less posts. Things are just going to slow down here for a while until I either find the inspiration for posts, which I think many of the recent posts have been lacking; or I feel like I’ve got my screen time habits under control again and I can re-open the tap.

I’m looking at it like a paleo-challenge. Cut off the problematic things for a while. Break the cycles and then slowly reintroduce them later in a controlled manner.

For the tens of you that read this consistently, thank you. I’m sure I’ll be back when I feel like there are worthwhile stories to tell, but for now the daily WOD recaps are going to stop.