Well, I completed the 35 mile bike ride with friends on Saturday. I consider that a fairly significant success. We didn’t set any sort of aggressive pace, but we enjoyed the ride, each others company and the countryside.

Then after a celebratory lunch, the family went out and spent close to two hours canoeing around Lake Michie. The biggest surprise, and greatest benefit in all of this was that I woke up Sunday feeling considerably better than I anticipated.

Don’t get me wrong. I was creaky, but I had visions of waking up debilitated on Sunday. But thankfully, I was able to get around in a normal fashion for the day. Crossfit for the win!

THIS is why I crossfit. I exercise to ensure that I’m healthy enough to enjoy my life. I don’t need to be the biggest, strongest, fittest, fastest in the box. I NEED to be able to keep up with my family day to day. So in that respect, I feel like I’m winning.

Tuesday I went to CFD and took part in the seventh anniversary WOD, a Fran variant comprised of thrusters and pull ups. The WOD was a 5 minute AMRAP climbing an ascending ladder of thrusters and pull ups. So 1 thruster, 1 pull up, 2 thrusters, 2 pull ups and so on for 5 minutes.

At the end of five minutes, there was three minutes of rest, then repeat the cycle (starting at the bottom of the ladder) for another 5 minutes.

I completed 5 rounds and 7 reps the first cycle and 5 rounds 5 reps the second. I’m satisfied with that. I had said at the outset that I my goal would be to complete 5 rounds each cycle.

I’m counting a couple of wins today. First, I’m pleased that I was able to do some pull ups today. Last week we had a WOD with pull ups and I was unable to do any! Completing 31 today was satisfying. I’m still annoyed that they’re this difficult right now; but it’s progress, so I’ll focus on that.

The other win today came during our strength segment. We were doing clean high pulls and hang power cleans. I completed high pulls at 95 and 115 pounds pain free. First time in months that that’s happened. So the shoulder rehab work is paying off. I didn’t test the shoulder beyond 115 pounds, but it was nice to have that win this morning.

I’m tracking my food again in MyFitnessPal. After about a week of data, I’ve already confirmed what intuitively I knew going in. Same as previously cycles, I’m simply not eating enough vegetables. I eat fruit like mad, but true green vegetables…not so much. So that’s my first priority to balance out my diet.

Other thoughts: Plans are being developed for Crossfit Kids at CFD! I’m very excited about this. It’s going to be a challenge, but I believe it’s going to be a lot of fun. And if we can have a positive impact on kids’ lives, that’s fantastic.

August is a busy month in terms of my “Physical Challenge per Month” commitment. The bike ride was last Saturday and next comes the Crossfit Total on the 29th. I’ve been thinking about that a bit. If I had a truly EPIC day and PR’d each lift by 5lbs, then a total score of 880 is not beyond the realm of possibility. That seems a bit audacious, though. My primary concern is my deadlift. I haven’t gotten within 20 pounds of my all time PR in two years. But hey, who knows what might happen with the adrenaline of competition flowing.

According to the blog here, my last recorded total was January of 2013; where I recorded lifts of 165# press, 285# back squat, and a 355# deadlift for a total of 805. I know I’ve done this at least one other time at a different CF Durham Total event like the one coming up, but I can’t find my scores. I’m going to hedge my bets and simply set my goal now. I’m looking for an overall score of 850! We’ll see what happens!