Some of the toughest words, I’ve heard spoken to me! I mean, I was an Army officer for four years. I have been harrangued by some of the best. Some of those folks were creative geniuses in the way they broke me down with their criticisms. But none of that hurt like those four simple words hurt me this morning. More on that shortly.

I coached the 6:15 Bootcamp this morning. Not sure about the athletes, but I had a blast. One thing I appreciate most about this group is their willingness to do nearly anything.

Case in point, today first METCON was 2 rounds of 6 exercises, 25 reps each. The coach that programmed the WOD had specified that during one of those exercises, every 5th rep, you needed to call out “FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY!” Is something like that strictly necessary? No? Can it be good fun? Sure. Can that sense of fun be tough to create at 6:15 on a Friday morning? Definitely. But this crew is always game and I greatly appreciate that.

I modified the requirement slightly. I told them they didn’t need to necessarily call out “Friday,” but they did need to call out what ever it was that was motivating them or had them excited about the day. I explained, “I don’t care if, it’s beer, donuts, bagels, or quitting time…whatever. Just let me know what’s on your mind and what makes you feel good this morning.”

I also encouraged them to use their best Monster Truck commercial voice. You know the one. “Friday, Friday. FRI-I-I-I-DAY! Bone Crusher and Grave Digger go head to head a the Collesium!”

Folks were pretty game and creative. I heard lots of food and booze mentioned over the course of the METCON. Some one in the second round called out, “Breathing!” That got a good laugh from the crew and seemed to pick up everyone’s pace. It’s a simple, almost silly thing to do, but when everyone buys in and participates, it builds espirit-de-corp and that’s a good thing. You build that group unity and that’s cool to see.

Well done, Gang!

As for my workout:

Strength: Snatch Balance: 6 sets of 2 reps heavy as possible

Did two rounds at 75#. Those felt ok.

I did two rounds at 95#, but lowering the bar from the locked out position at the top of the rep back to my shoulders hurt my sore shoulder. So I just dropped the bar. Coach Doug and I talked it over and I abandoned the last two sets.

4 Rounds
15 burpees
15 wall balls (30# slam ball)

14 minute cap.

Burpees actually felt pretty good today. I’m eating better and have dropped a few pounds. The combination of being just a bit lighter and burning higher quality fuel seems to be paying off with bodyweight activities. Warm up runs aren’t as labored and such.

Wall balls with a slam ball are nuts! The ball just doesn’t bounce right off the target like a medicine ball. It always throws me for a loop.

I had looked at the times from the 6:15 crew and noted that my friend Greg had finished the work in under 9 minutes. I was feeling good and determined to beat him.

I was chugging through the work and I really dialed things up for the last round. When I threw that 15th wall ball up I didn’t just let it drop to the floor, oh no, friends.

As it passed by my head I got my hand on top of it and spiked it to the floor shouting out, “TIME!” I checked the clock it was at 7:30 something! I’m thinking, “SWEET! I crushed him.

I started to walk away from the rig when Coach Doug called out, “That was only three, Paul. We’re doing four! Get back to work!”

I was totally flummoxed. I was certain that I HAD completed 4 rounds, but my buddy Mike working one station over confirmed, “No, that was only three.”

It was SO difficult to restart. I just wanted to walk away, but there was work to do, so back to the burpees.

To go from that feeling of “I’m done. No more work,” and “I crushed it” to trying to get back in the game was TOUGH! I won’t lie. That last set of burpees was one of the sloppiest sets I’ve ever done. I was just slogging through them trying to build up some momentum again.

In the end I completed the WOD in 10:34; I believe.

Pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve missed an entire round. Sure I’ve gotten confused on a ladder where you’re working up in reps on one exercise and down the ladder on the other, but I’ve never just spaced an entire round.

In the end it was pretty amusing though.