Some days it’s good for me to remember that this Crossfit stuff is basically my recess which means I need to keep the attitude light and have fun. When I do the results are often surprsing.


Learned a cool new modification/scale for the pistol today which I’d never seen before. Instead of extending the off leg out in front of us, Coach Lindsay encouraged us to wrap the foot of the off leg behind the ankle of the leg on which we were standing, then squat.

Turns out I can do this, on both legs! That was pretty cool to learn. I still need to work out all of the balance and positioning of a proper pistol, but simply realizing that I have the strength and balance to get my keister down below parallel and back up to standing on one leg is a HUGE confidence booster.

Now it’s not a question of strength. I know it’s there. I just need to refine the techniques and hone the balance. Pretty cool.

Back Squat

I missed a PR attempt of 325# this morning, but even that left me smiling. I lowered myself down, wasn’t confident that I was below parallel so eased down a bit more and got pinned ATG. Couldn’t fight my way out of it. I’m confident that if I had asked Lindsay to cue me at the point I broke parallel, I could have hit that lift.

Next time.


15 Min AMRAP
Row 300M
30 Wall Balls (20/14)

I positioned my rower and wall ball under a target on the narrow end of the pull up rig. The other athletes positioned their rowers at a ninety degree angle to mine in a row down the length of the rig, with their backs to me. That’s where they made their mistake. My friends David and Kari were positioned on the end nearest to me.

I don’t know why the thought occurred to me, but before we got started it just went through my head, “I bet I could hit David with a poker chip from here.” Suddenly it became a mission. I hustled over to the chip holder and grabbed a bunch of chips, being sure to grab a color no one else was using to count rounds. I wanted to be a pest. I didn’t want to be an ass and confuse anyone’s round counts.

Basically at the end of every round as I got seated on my rower, I took a chip and tossed it frisbee style at either David or Kari on their rowers. Poker chips are not real stable flyers. I’m not certain I got one close enough that either of them even noticed what I was doing. Coach Lindsay saw me. I just smiled and she walked away shaking her head.

That line between playful and immature is oh so fine.

Personally, I feel I was the model of good behavior. I didn’t throw any chips at anyone while they were doing wall balls. That would have been unsafe.

I also tried to monkey with David’s pacing during the wall balls. He got off the rower just ahead of me on the first round and wow, he started off fast on the first round of wall balls. I broke mine into sets of 15 and 15, but I made up my mind to push him as best I could for the duration of the METCON.

In the second round, it appeared to me that he was basing his rest for the wall balls off of me. He got to the rig first, hammered out some reps, then seemed to be waiting for me. I finished rowing and noticed that he picked up his wall ball as I grabbed mine. I like wall balls, so I thought, “OK, young buck. Let’s see what we can do.” I did the eleven that I wanted to do and let my ball drop and took a step back. David was doing his own reps. He let his ball drop.

I immediately stepped back to the rig and resumed wall ball shots. He followed suit to complete his thirty. From then on I was much more motiviated to take shorter rests and do longer runs just to see how long I could get him to continue.

It didn’t do me any practical good. When time had expired he beat me by at least eight reps, but I enjoyed the challenge of challenging him. Entertainment counts for a lot.

I’m kind of savoring the workouts with the 6am crew this week. I think that’s why I was feeling so frisky this morning. School starts next week and when it does, I’ll be driving my son to school every morning at 6:30, so no more 6am work outs for me. I’m keeping the 6:15 bootcamp coaching responsibility, but turning over the 6am Wednesday crossfit coaching slot to another coach.

Four and a half years with an ever evolving tribe is a lot of sweat and tears. I’m definitely going to miss spending time with this bunch. Right now, it looks like 7:15 will become my standard workout slot, but we’ll play that by ear. There should be enough time to hustle from my son’s school back to the box to make that workout. Depending on how things balance out though, I could see me using the 7:30 pm slot a couple times a week as well.