So much change here lately! Kids are back in school. Schedules are changing and that means a bit of a change for me and my workout/coaching routines.

School started Monday for our children. Our 11 year old is a sixth grader and started middle school. It’s a pretty big change for the family because the kids are now going to separate schools with differing start times and we’ve had to adjust our family routines.

Middle school starts early around here. Doors open at 7. First warning bell rings at 7:10 and classes start at 7:25. We looked into the school bus, but the morning schedule is not feasible. He is expected to be at the bus stop before 6am. My wife and I felt it was unreasonable to tax his rest like that every day and there were additional safety concerns with the location of the assigned stop which we found unacceptable.

Ultimately, we decided that I would need to drive my son to school every morning leaving the house around 6:30 or so. This means I can no longer be part of that zany crazy 6am Crossfit Durham tribe that I love so much! I’m going to miss those lunatics! Watch for me to make guest appearances on school holidays, Gang!

Fortunately his school is just a couple miles from the box, so I am able to hustle over to the gym for the 7:15 am WODs and get my workouts in and keep that schedule fairly regular. I still greatly prefer getting my workout in before the professional day starts. I’m far less inclined to miss a workout that way. That feels important because I’ve been on a roll lately getting to the box at least four times a week and I want to sustain that.

What about my coaching responsibilities? Fair question. I have given up coaching the 6am Wednesday class. However, the Boy is willing to get up extra early on Fridays and accompany me to the gym so that I can continue to coach the 6:15 Friday bootcamp class and then hustle him off to school! I’ll pick up substitute classes where I can and Crossfit Kids is starting soon at CFD so I’ll be working Saturdays running amok with Da Critterz! This is going to be a blast!

So, what have I been doing when I’m actually working out?

Sunday I spent half the time doing tumbling, handstands and gymnastics with my kids. Then I excluded myself from doing the prescribed partner WOD and finally got to do my own benchmark WOD: 150 slam balls for time (30#). I completed it in 8:14, I believe. Not bad. I’m certain I can get under 8 minutes. I’d like to be closer to 7. It is a surprising mental grind to do that many reps of any exercise. Somewhere after 100 I needed to count down rather than up. Climbing up to 150 was wearing on my brain. Counting down from 50 was motivating. Go figure.


Strength: Deadlift – worked up to a successful set of three reps at 327# which was the prescribed 85% of 1RM. This is encouraging as we approach the Crossfit Total on Saturday.

Front Squats at 135#
Complete 30 Double Unders between each set of squats

I completed this in 9:24, I think. I was hoping to be closer to eight, based on some scores I saw posted on the white board, but if I’m honest with myself this is right on target.


Push Press

Worked the prescribed weights up to sets of 3 at 85%. Most interesting thing to happen during this portion of the WOD was Coach Doug and I had to have a conference about one of his cues. I was in the midst of a heavy set and I heard the cue, “More press, Paul.” In the moment I thought to myself, “well, that’s a frickin’ useless cue.” I was sure I misheard him.

So once I racked the bar I asked him “what was that cue you gave me? I didn’t hear it.” He said, “more crisp. Your dip drive wasn’t lazy, but it can be sharper, more explosive.”

“Oh, ok!” That makes a whole lot more sense than the ‘more press’ that I heard.


25 minute cap

25 Russian KB Swings (52#)
15 plyometric push ups (45# plates)
8 Chest to Bar Pull ups (scaled as 2 rounds chin over bar, then 2 rounds ring rows)
run 400M

Another one of those days where checking out the white board was kind of demoralizing. We could see by the scores posted in the 6am crowd that this was going to be a wild one. This one was a grind! I got through 4 complete rounds, the 5th set of KB swings and nine push ups. I had no desire to try and complete the remaining reps when time expired.

Really looking forward to taking part in the Crossfit Total on Saturday. Have I posted my goals previously? I thought I did, I don’t recall for certain. I looked briefly and didn’t find anything. Here’s what I’m aiming for today: Press 170; Back Squat 325; Deadlift 390. That would be 5# PR’s on each lift. Aggressive, but not inconceivable by any stretch of the imagination. We’ll see. The biggest challenge will be the deadlift. I haven’t really been close to my all time PR of 385 in years. But, hey. Let’s swing for the fences and see what happens.