So yesterday I took part in the the Crossfit Durham, Crossfit Total event. It was a pretty spectacular morning.

Let’s get the basic details out of the way. For folks not familiar with a Total. It’s comprised of three lifts: the back squat, the strict press and the deadlifts. You get three attempts at each lift. The totals of the heaviest successful rep of each lift are added together creating your CF Total score.

I haven’t taken part in a Total since 2013. I said back on Wednesday that my overall goal for the Total would be to hit 5# PR’s on each lift for a final score of 850. I was looking for a 325 back squat, 170 pound press and a 390 deadlift. That would have generated an 885. I didn’t hit those goals, but I’m still very satisified with my performance overall.

I hit a 310 back squat, a 160 press, and a 365 deadlift, final score of 835. All of my final lifts were well within the 90% range of my current 1rep maxes. So there were no let down lifts.

That 365 for my deadlift was my second lift. I took a shot at 390 for my final lift. I lifted it to my knees, (which is better than I’ve ever done before) but couldn’t get the bar above my knees. I tried! Oh how I tried. It just wasn’t meant to be. Ah well, soon!

When I compare this year’s score to the total back in 2013, I went from 810 to 835. I added 15 pounds to my back squat score and 10 to my press. Deadlift was the same. A 25 pound improvement is nothing to sneeze at, so I’m pleased. I didn’t achieve any individual lift PR’s, but I did earn an event PR. Works for me.

Having Lil Bit there to watch was fun. It was really kind of cool to be able to say to her, “See that woman right there, Lil Bit? Did you see that lift? She just back squatted as much as Daddy did!” It is so fabulous to show her all of these spectacularly strong women.

Speaking of strong women, Lil Bit’s Mama is no slouch. Erin took part in the Total as well. It was her first time participating and she did fabulous. I don’t know her final scores, but I know she PR’d two of her lifts. She was so amped up that she warmed up her press at her 1RM, then crushed her old 1RM during the competition setting a new PR. Way to go, Erin. So proud of you. She also stomped her old deadlift 1RM earning membership in the 200# club.

It was also very cool to spend the morning yelling our heads off for everyone else. So many people accomplished so many amazing lifts. It was pretty special to sit back and cheer as lift after lift people challenged and surprised themselves with successful lifts. It really was just a fabulous way to spend time with people we enjoy and admire. A very cool morning from start to finish