So after a day and a half of complete bed rest and prescribed blood thinners I visited my doctor this morning for a follow up. A little bit of time makes a world of difference. Here’s what I learned.

The clot (singular) is in a superficial vein closer to the skin. As these things go, this is the less severe type of clot. The confounding factor that makes this worrisome is that it is located just a centimeter away from a junction with a deep vein.

As I understand it, and remember I’m a marketing guy not a medical guy so if my descriptions aren’t 100% accurate cut me some slack, the deep vein is the express route to all of the places where you really don’t want a clot shaking free and going. Places like the heart, lungs and brain. So that’s the reason we’re being cautious in everything.

I have been cleared to resume normal day to day activity, but not Crossfit yet. Seems my doctor doesn’t consider that ‘normal.’ I got a chuckle out of that. Do any of us consider Crossfit normal?

Apparently, she also does not consider obstacle course/mud runs to fall under the scope of normal day to day activity either. I checked with her to ensure that I may not participate in this weekend’s Big Muddy Challenge with the family. She rolled her eyes at me. I interpreted that as, “sit this one out, smart ass.”

So the natural question becomes, “when can I get back to the gym?” I was really dreading the answer to this one expecting to hear something measured in terms of months. However, she said give it two weeks at least and then we should be ok. Two weeks?! Sweet! I can wait two weeks! That should be just enough time to loosen up from last week’s Total!

Hell, that’s another thing. Imagine if I’d been working on two good legs on Saturday? Ah well, next time.

Some things are going to change though.

I will be injecting myself with blood thinners twice a day for at least the next month and depending on how things go it seems likely that I’m looking at LONG term prescriptions. But we’ll take that as it comes.

Additionally, as I write this, I’m sitting around in thigh-high black compression hose. You’re welcome for that mental image. It’s unclear at the moment if these are going to become a permanent fixture in my life, but if they are I PROMISE you this has massive implications on Funky Shorts Friday’s at CFD! 😉

I will also be seeing a hematologist soon to do some extensive blood work and figure out why this has happened and can I prevent it from happening again.

Am I out of the woods with all of this? Is it all behind me? No. Not by any means. I still need to take things easy for a while to ensure I don’t have any catastrophic issues. So I will behave.

Is the outlook a whole lot better today than it was on Monday? Hell. Yes.

I want to say a huge, “Thanks” to everyone that messaged me privately, publicly, online, on the phone whatever. The out reach from everyone in this big beautiful tribe that makes up the world around me was amazing! I am deeply grateful to each of you for your get well wishes, offers to assist where ever possible and more. It was touching. Know that should things turn for the worse and if it becomes necessary, we’re not too proud to reach out for help. So we may still be in contact, but for now we’re good.

Related, while I’m not trying to wish a medical emergency on all of you, I do hope that in time, I have the opportunity to return the favor of assistance to each of you. Understand that beyond the immediate health concerns, one of Erin and my biggest long term concerns was, “when and how could I get back in the box?” I was seriously concerned that my doctor was going to tell me that Crossfit was off-limits and that “no you can’t go there anymore.” I would have started shopping for a new doctor, but seriously, the crossfit way of life is so engrained in our family and the CFD community is so much a part of my world now that life without it seemed a little bit scary. I’m greatly relieved that we don’t have to have those conversations.

I will still have to make some modifications. Given that I’m looking at long-term reliance on blood thinners, and knowing the frequency that box jumps lead to ‘bite marks’ I think step ups are going to become a replacement move in my tool box. Unless we invest in some of those high-end foam boxes that they use in the Crossfit Games. But if not, I’m ok with step ups. It’s a minor adjustment. And hey, I have always lived my life by the motto, “Be flexible. Expect change.”

Ultimately, when I add it all up, I’m a very lucky man.