So I saw the hematologist today. Erin was gracious enough to accompany me in order to make sure all the smart questions got asked.

The basic details are:

1) As strong the Krellwitz men all seem to have weak veins.

2) The hematologist is not too concerned that the blood clot I had seven years ago and the current one are related. Each clot is the direct result of separate unrelated causes.

The one that I had back in the day was the effect of my poor health and unhealthy lifestyle. This one she feels was caused by a combination of a) the initial box jump cut that led to b) the MRSA infection earlier this Summer.

3) She was very impressed with the depth of testing my GP did seven years ago and was satisfied that all of those tests confirmed that I’m not genetically predisposed to clots. She did draw some blood and wants to screen three more things. However, she was pretty clear that while not impossible, it was highly unlikely that those would indicate a hereditary problem.

Erin reminded me to ask about exercise and the hematologist’s response was, “go ahead, if you feel up to it.” So I’m heading back to the gym tomorrow morning. I am JONSIN’ for a workout!

I’ll have to take the blood thinner injections for at least two more weeks and then we’ll do an ultrasound to confirm the clot is gone. I suspect my GP is going to keep me on thinners for a bit longer beyond that, and I’m ok with that. Better safe than sorry.

I need to ask some follow up questions with my GP. It seems given the combination of weak veins, and such I’m a bit more prone to clots as a result of injury. If that’s the case, what can I do day to day should I get banged up? I mean the obvious answer is, “don’t get injured.”

So OK, I’m not going to ask for a membership to the local Muay Thai gym for Christmas. Pretty sure step ups are going to replace box jumps (at least if Erin’s watching) going forward in the box. I should probably be more cautious when riding the mountain bike. Tough Mudders are probably not a wise choice either, but I was pretty much done with those after the first one. So I can live with all of that.

But let’s face it, setting Crossfit aside, life happens. For example, I have a 120+ dog who sleeps on my side of the bed. If I get up in the night, trip and slam my shin on the night stand, how concerned do I need to be? What can I do to minimize the likelihood that the resulting bruise might develop into a clot? What do I look for in terms of symptoms and for how long after an accident like that? Those are some of the things I need to figure out. But that is all very manageable.

I’m feeling pretty damn grateful and pleased about today’s appointment and the prognosis for the future.