In crossfit there’s a frequently shared mantra of ’embrace the suck.’ It means that in order to improve you have to challenge yourself. You have acknowledge that the training is going to hurt and you have to find the fortitude to push through the desire to quit.

After my doctor imposed inactivity, I walked into Crossfit Durham today not just ready to embrace the suck, I CRAVED the suck! I wanted the suck to wash over me like a breaker on the ocean. I was so happy to wrap my hands around a barbell. I was just grateful to feel the knurling of the bar in my grip. I was also very grateful for all the well wishes and welcomes back from folks around the gym. I really appreciate it, gang.

How did the workout go? About as well as can be expected for a guy who’s been idle for two solid weeks. There were some hiccups. But I didn’t care. I was in motion so I was happy.

Back Squat 3-3-3-1-1-1 work up to new 1RM or 1RM on the day

While all of my muscles and joints feel great from two weeks of rest I was a bit tentative about going all out here. I worked up to three singles at 275# which is 85% of 1RM. My technique today needed a lot of attention and refinement.

The biggest issue was, while I wasn’t raising my heels, I was definitely rocking forward shifting my weight to the balls of my feet as I tried to stand up my squats. I’m not overly concerned about it right now. It’s just something I’ll need to try and prevent later on.

135# Rx
5 deadlift
5 hang power clean
5 front squats
5 push press
5 back squats

Coach Doug advised me to scale to 115# since I’ve been stationary so long. This was a very good call. I wanted to try 135#, but that would have been overload.

I was so amped up to be lifting again that I blew through the first round unbroken in under two minutes. When I realized what I’d done I thought, “Oh, that might have been reckless. You’re gonna pay for that later.” And I did.

After that round I tried to be more deliberate in my pacing and such, but it was already too late. I misjudged this METCON. I expected to hit muscle fatigue on any given lift (I was banking on the front squats) which I expected to slow me down.

But that wasn’t the limiting factor. Oxygen, or the lack there of, is what tore me up. I had a terrible time regulating my breathing. It became a huge challenge to calm down and control my breath and heart rate to maintain good form and continue banging out reps. I didn’t see that coming.

When the fifteen minutes was over I had completed 5 rounds plus 17 reps. I’m good with that score for today.