I tanked two workouts on the front end of this week. In my defense, I slept very poorly Sunday and Monday nights, getting only 5 or so hours of broken sleep each night. Plus, the boy stayed home with a fever both days so my impetus for getting up at o’dark early each of those mornings was gone. They’re just excuses, but in combination, they were enough to make the decision to sleep in both mornings. So be it.

Wednesday’s METCON presented a new challenge.

Box Jumps 30″
Wall Balls 30# slam ball

This is my kind of work out! Normally, I really enjoy both of these movements. Given I’m still injecting blood thinners twice a day, I chose to play it safe with the box jumps. I used a 30″ box, but did step ups for all 45 reps. While it was more stable and safer, I sincerely felt as if climbing up and standing up on that 30″ platform 45 times on one leg at a time was more exhausting than if I had jumped with both feet.

See? I can be careful, when it’s required. And if you were there on Wednesday, PLEASE tell my wife that you saw me doing those step ups! I’m not certain she believes me. But I’m trying to stand by my resolution to substitute step ups for box jumps where necessary.

There was a ten minute cap on this METCON. I finished between 5:30 and 5:40. Not certain of the exact time.

Strength: Clean:  We were supposed to work up to heavy singles around 85%. Given I haven’t been snatching to protect my tweaky left shoulder, I’ve been getting a lot of practice at cleans and it paid off today.

I hit a 210# clean for a 5# PR and it was a good one. This wasn’t one of those lifts where you yank the bar from the floor and wrestle with it in mid-flight catch it in an ugly power clean and say, “I stood it up!” For this one rep, as far as I could tell everything clicked.

I was most pleased with the depth of my drop and catch. This wasn’t a power clean/front squat combination. This was one of those rare reps where I truly dropped down under the bar to meet it.

It was funny too because 210 is well into the top of my front squat range and I hung out at the bottom of the squat long enough to realize that. Normally the gap between my front squat and clean is so great that I’ve always said, “If I catch it, I’m going to stand it up.” But for an instant this morning that wasn’t so certain. I had to very quickly just banish the thoughts and tell myself, “Stand. IT. UP!” Fortunately, I did. It was very satisfying.

5 RFT 12 min Cap
10 power snatches(115 rx)
30 Double Unders

I tinkered with a couple of snatches at 115 while I had the weight on the bar for the cleans. It was obvious immediately that 50 reps at that weight was a bad idea so I scaled back to 95.

It took me a total of 13:40 to complete this METCON. Remember there was a 12 min cap, but I’m ok with that. I was pretty meticulous about every snatch trying to ensure that every rep was safe and good form. You know. Basically doing today what we should always be doing, but because I’m nursing an injury here, I’m actually DOING those things now. Realistically though, the snatches didn’t slow me down. Double unders got away from me late.

First round two sets something like 22 and 8.
Second round three sets in the neighborhood of 13, 5 and 12.
Third round more sets than I could track.
Fourth and fifth rounds were pretty much 15 sets of 2 reps each.

No magic and no mysteries there…just practice, practice, practice.

Coaching, both the adults and the kids (but especially the kids) continues to be a joy! I need to find the time to construct some individual posts around that, though.