Pretty good workout this morning. Nothing too spectacular. The oh wow moment hit me during the ride home.

Sumo Deadlifts: Work to 1RM on the Day

My current 1RM for this lift is 365#. I was able to pull 345# and it felt ok. I was feeling froggy, so I jumped straight to 370 to try and get a PR. It MIGHT have come off the floor, but if it did it wasn’t much. I took two shots at it. No luck. No big deal, there.

For Time: 12 min cap
20 burpees
50 standing sit ups
20 burpees

EMOM 3 deadlifts (255/155)
It took me 9:43 to complete this Rx. Not bad. I had a lot of fun with this METCON. I really like the standing sit ups. It’s not a movement that comes around often, but I love it when they do. Burpees felt pretty smooth. The EMOM deadlifts after clean deadlifts yesterday and 1RM attempts this morning were heavier than anticipated.

Riding home I was thinking about the METCON and this thought struck me: I never hesitated at the idea of using the Rx weight for the deadlift. That was in interesting revelation.

I remember when the thought of using 225 pounds for a deadlift for a METCON seemed ludicrous, unattainable. Today there was never any question.

Now don’t misunderstand me. 225 pounds in some configurations is still be a hell of a challenge. Luckily, the reps today were manageable. I know that if you set up 21-15-9 of 225 pound deadlifts and just about any second exercise, I’m out of my league and I would need to scale.

However, acknowledging now that I took for granted a weight that when I started this game looked ridiculously heavy was a pretty empowering feeling. I still have dozens of goats and goals that I want to improve on. But this was a nice take away from today’s WOD. Being able to look back at it and recognize the progress felt really good.

So now I challenge you. What movement/weight/activity do you take for granted that you couldn’t when you started this journey?

Is it box jumps? Perhaps it’s the Rx weights for kettlebell work? Rope climbs, double unders or something else. Think about that thing that used to give you fits, but now you shrug it off and go, “yup. I’m gonna do those” when you see them on the white board.

Don’t take it for granted any longer. You worked hard to conquer it. You earned the right to embrace that accomplishment.