No workout by workout post today. Just some semi-random observations on some things I have realized over the course of the last week in the gym.

-) CF Kids – The time I spend coaching kids each week is the highlight of every week. Hands down. I so hope this program grows and we get even more participation soon.

-) Lighter and faster is often better. I had a chance to work one particular METCON lighter than I otherwise would have chosen and it was the best WOD of the week. When it was done, I was SMOKED, yet I didn’t feel punished and pounded as I often do after an Rx WOD.

-) Don’t compromise or give up on my goals. A good friend hit a big benchmark PR this week and it reminded me how I’ve sort of mentally abandoned it some time ago. I just kinda wrote it off as ‘not worth the effort.’ I’m rethinking that now specific to that benchmark and a couple others that I set aside. The counterpoint though is where does that specific individual goal fit in against all of the other goals? Basically it comes down to ‘where do I prioritize it?’

-) Speaking of PR’s – I hit an unofficial PR this morning on double unders. About a year ago, when I was training for a team competition, I was able to amass 100 double unders inside a 5 minute window. That’s not going to win any competitions, but it was an accomplishment.

Today, I lumbered through 100 double unders just inside of three minutes! That’s a nice improvement. There’s still plenty of room to continue to improve, but that’s one that’s nice to have.

100 Double Unders doesn’t show up on any benchmark test, but it’s a pretty good mile-marker in my opinion.

It kind of ties back to the previous point. If I continue to work on something, then there shouldn’t be any goal that’s ‘unattainable.’ It’s simply a matter of prioritizing it, developing a plan and practice, practice, practice.

So the question then becomes, ‘what do I tackle first?’