So if you have read this blog even once in the past 6 months you know I’m recovering from a blood clot. It’s the result of splitting my shin during a 1RM box jump attempt back in April. If you’re new here, welcome (thanks for stopping by) and now you’re pretty much caught up on the relevant backstory for what follows.

I said in earlier posts here() and here that box jumps are probably coming out of my tool kit for good. I should probably just go with step ups from now on. Given the last six months, it’s the efficient, easy, safe decision. Want to avoid further injury? Just stop doing the thing that got you injured. Cut it out. Avoid the fight. Eliminate the risk. Simple.

But it’s not that simple. It’s rational. It’s perfectly justifiable…but I reject that thought process now. Seven years ago I was making all kinds of decisions that seemed perfectly justifiable at the time. Know what those got me? 290# at 5’10”, a blood clot and months of blood thinners. How’s that for symmetry?

To say ‘I won’t do box jumps any more’ is a surrender. It’s giving in to the fear. That, I refuse to do.

If I surrender here, what comes next? Where’s the next compromise? Which piece of myself do I surrender next?

That doesn’t mean I have to be reckless. This doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I can choose my battles. Everything scales and we do the work that’s best for us.

So I probably won’t test a 1RM box jump any more. The reward isn’t worth the risk. But on a day like today when 5 jumps per round come up in an 8 minute EMOM, I can choose to do 24″ jumps, rather than try step ups at the prescribed 30″. That’s manageable. I can be confident that I’m not going to have any accidents there.

That’s not a surrender. That’s being strategic. Strategic I can embrace.