Funny how skills evolve and evaporate and emerge (hopefully) again.

Two big wins this week! I hit a 5#PR on my back squat this week, raising my 1RM to 325#. This is significant because after all of the drama with my legs since May, this felt like the first time that I could rely on both legs equally. Nice to have that feeling back.

The second win was a 7.5# PR on my Push Press raising that 1RM to 225#. Hitting this lift was very satisfying as this is a goal that I’ve been hunting for most of this year. Nice to be able to check one of the year’s stated goals off the to do list.

It was also very gratifying to hit those lifts because the METCONs this week have been super-sized servings of steaming humble pie! I have had to scale more exercises and have acummulated more DNF’s this week than I can recall in quite some time. But you know what? I’m ok with it.

Many people struggle with learning double unders. After four plus years of crossfit I can at least say that my double unders, while still not stellar, have become reliable. I can count on an opening run between 20-30 reps. Anything after that, I can usually expect between 10-15 reps, then I either falter or shut down to grab a few breaths, reset and begin again. It is in no way virtuosity, but it’s certainly progress and it’s predictable. So I count it as a win.

Pull ups have become my double unders in that on any given day I have NO IDEA if I’m going to be able to execute them or not. Earlier this week, they were there. I could hit sets of 3, drop off the bar, catch my breath and go back to work. Today, they were just gone. I had to scale to ring rows almost immediately.

Part of the issue is bodyweight (more on that later). I’m still, (once again) carrying 10-12 lbs more than I feel like is appropriate for me. There’s no doubt that at my current ability, pulling that extra weight every rep takes a toll. Additionally, I just feel like I have no rhythm for kipping right now. I’m not sure where the movement is breaking down, but it is. I’m just not able to sustain the process right now. It will come back, I’m confident, but it’s going to take some practice and time. I find it interesting how these things go through cycles or phases. You can learn a thing, kind of take it for granted for a while and then poof – it’s gone.

As for my weight – suffice it to say I did not intend to come into October already carrying my hibernation insulation (plus a bit). This is alarming because there’s so much good eating out there in the coming months, State Fair, Thanksgiving, Christmas Cookie Season! It’s almost overwhelming, but I need to get things under control.

The good news is I have lots of motivation to get lighter fast. I’m enrolled in events across three consecutive weekends starting at Halloween.

First up is the CFD Halloween Costume Olympic Lift Competition. I’ll be totally upfront. I’m in this for the costumes and entertainment value. Remember, before all of this drama with my legs began in September, I was rehabilitating a sore shoulder. I’m going to give the lifts an honest effort, but realistically, I have no reason to believe that I’m going to do anything special with the snatch and clean and jerk. Still, I’m looking forward to spending the day with friends.

The first weekend in November, I’ll be taking part in the Select 8 Master’s Individual competition. Three WODs, what the heck? We’ll see what happens. A lot of the work in that event is bodyweight, so again, any pounds I don’t have to move through burpees etc, is to my advantage.

After that comes the next chapter in my professional development. I’ll be taking part in the MovNat certification course. That’s going to be DAYS of bodyweight work/movements and exploration. I’ve got to trim down for that one.

So what do I do? Get disciplined again. For a while I was tracking all my food, measuring it most of the time and I was shedding the weight at a decent pace. I got cocky and thought I could eyeball things and keep a mental log. Obviously, not so much. That’s ok. That’s what apps, measuring cups and scales are for. Back to the drawing board.