Just a quick post to highlight some things lessons learned and relearned of late:

1) I NEED to eat before I workout first thing in the morning. I’m not certain how much of it is physical and how much of it is psychological, but I need something small in my system before I exercise. When I workout first thing in the morning on an empty belly, I just feel flat and weak. As a result, today was not a workout session worth writing about.

2) I enjoy every session I coach. I consider it a privilege. That being said, coaching kids and first timers feels like my coaching wheelhouse. I just have an absolute blast with those folks.

3) Beer is my enemy…not in a dangerously addictive sort of way. It’s more in a metabolic digestive sense. I said some time ago that I wanted to drop some weight. Since then, I haven’t been nearly as dedicated to the concept as I would like. I have made one conscious careful adjustment though and much to my dismay, the positive impact is undeniable. I have pretty much given up beer over the past couple of weeks and the results are fairly dramatic.

I’ve only lost a couple of pounds, but once again I can see lines and edges across my midsection where previously there was a sphere. Nobody’s going to ask me to pose for a pin-up calendar anytime soon, but you understand what I’m saying. I’m no longer all round through the middle anymore.

Also, please understand, I don’t drink an inappropriate amount of beer. At most, I’ll drink a bottle a night. And as with the pre-WOD food, I don’t understand the metabolic effects in detail, but the impact is pretty clear and dramatic. When I don’t drink beer on a regular basis my body stays leaner. It’s a bittersweet lesson to learn and a tough one to embrace.

I LOVE me a good craft beer. However, it’ clear to me now that I have to make a choice. My schedule doesn’t allow me the time to work out more often in order to offset the calories and chemistry of a daily beer. It’s also apparent that my body is not wired in a way that it can simply burn off what ever effect it is that daily brew has on my system.

So beer truly has to become a sometime thing. I’m not a person that’s disciplined enough to keep a six-pack in the house and only have a beer on a Saturday night. I’m not that guy. If it’s in the house, I’m going to keep one chilled in the fridge for day’s end.

So I guess it’s good-bye for now, old friend. You will be missed.

4) The next few weeks are going to be NUTS! I’m enrolled in events for the next three weekends and there’s a fourth looming out on the horizon. First comes the Crossfit Durham Halloween Spectacular Olympic Lift Competition. I’m in this one for the costumes primarily. Still, we’ll give the lifts an honest go and see what happens.

Next comes the Select 8 Master’s Competition on Nov 7. That should be very interesting. Three events and done. Really have no idea what to expect. I’m flying solo on this one. I don’t seem to be able to entice anyone else into taking part. Kind of bummed about that. I’d prefer to be going into the competition with some one I know, if for no other reason than to have someone to hang out with for an afternoon. Still, looking forward to competing on my own against some kids my own age. We’ll see what happens.

The following weekend I’ll be taking part in the MovNat certification course for a couple of days. This is the next step in my individual professional development. Why take this you ask? Simple, as much as I love Crossfit in my estimation it’s too linear. So much of what we do is straight up and down and front to back. There isn’t enough side to side work. There isn’t enough free range of motion, tumbling, rolling and enough work on some of the ‘finer’ points of the 10 general skills.

I don’t want to sound overly critical or ungrateful. I don’t question the efficacy of Crossfit. Clearly I wouldn’t be in the shape that I’m in without it. I needed 4 plus years of up and down and back and forth to work on strength, power, speed, endurance. Part of Crossfit is embracing new things. The last 6 words of “Crossfit in 100 Words” reads “Regularly learn and play new sports.” This is an extension of that concept.

I want to learn how to work on balance, agility, coordination…in a bit of a different space using different tools. I recognized that weightlifting of course works those fine skills I mentioned, but I want to learn some new techniques to refine them. Hopefully, learning MovNat will enable me to bring new ideas back to my own workouts as well as the folks that I coach to help us all grow.

Once MovNat is done, depending on how things schedule out, I might take part in one final competition, Team Superfit Cary on Nov 21. Erin is looking to take part in this and I’m unclear yet whether we might work together as a team, or if she’s going to find another partner. Part of me thinks it would be great to do it either together or on separate teams.

Part of me thinks that after 3 straight weeks of fitness activities, I probably ought to sit one out and ‘adult’ for a weekend and concentrate on being a Dad, husband and homeowner a bit. We’ll see, though. 😉