Ever have a day go so well, you don’t want to wash it off? Today was one of those days!

Strength: Split Jerk: work up to a one rep max.

I hit a PR of 240 on this lift back in June. I was feeling optimistic today and with some great tips from Coach Josh was able to put up 250# today!

This is a great confidence builder going into Saturday’s Halloween Olympic Lifting Competition. My best all time clean is just over 200#. Today’s jerk PR reinforces the idea that if I stand up my clean, I will get it overhead. Very cool.

15 min AMRAP
10 pull ups
30 Abmat Sit Ups
50 ft Walking Lunges
100 Double Unders

Coming off the split jerk PR, this METCON was really kind of secondary in my mind. I had a plan of attack going in, but didn’t have any set goals. I just figured, keep working for 15 minutes and see where it leads.

Pull ups felt great today! This was another big confidence booster. Earlier this week we were supposed to chest to bar pull ups and I could barely manage chin over bar. Today, with a smooth powerful kip, I was closer to chest to bar than chin over bar through two rounds.

Double Unders even went to plan. The plan was first set max reps, then sets of tens with quick pauses. I ran off 33 to start, then stuck to the plan after that. There were a couple of misfires and restarts, but the majority of the time I was able to execute 10 reps on command and then rest. When time expired I had completed 2 full rounds, plus 40 reps. Not a monster score, but that wasn’t really the point.

The best part about this entire METCON was I felt like I was in control. So often I get into a METCON and there’s a sense of frantic urgency that borders on panic where all I’m thinking is, “Oh shit. Just keep moving forward.” Today I felt like I was managing the workout instead of the other way around.

So now I find myself wondering what to do about tomorrow. I have to go to the gym. I’m coaching the 6:15 bootcamp. I’m registered for the 7:15 WOD. I’m seriously considering cancelling my enrollment in that session.

I’ve got plenty of workouts in this month and this week. I kind of like the idea of ‘ending with a hit’ here before Saturday’s competition. Today went so well that I think I want to ride that feeling of satisfaction. I don’t want to workout tomorrow and have things go poorly. Perhaps, I’ll spend the time working on mobility and or a skill just to be in motion.

And just in case your wondering about the headline and the lead in…I’ve acknowledged before that I’m a bit superstitious. There’s part of me that doesn’t want to risk washing off whatever mojo, vibe or luck that was with me today.

All I’ll say is I work from home. The dog isn’t complaining about the smell and for now, I’m kind of savoring the feeling of the chalk on my hands.