So I had the good fortune to spend the last four and a half days studying MovNat in a Level 1 and 2 combined workshop. It was intensive, entertaining, enlightening and punishing. Here are 10 quick take aways that stick with me this evening.

  1. I am more agile and have better balance than I knew.
  2. I am not as agile, nor do I have as good a sense of balance as I would like (But that was kind of the point.).
  3. Everything is harder on a balance beam; even if that beam in merely an 8 foot length of 2″x4″ lying on a flat gym floor. Stack that beam on top of two 30″ boxes and it’s a WHOLE other thang!
  4. In Crossfit, if you crawl across the floor on hand and foot moving opposing limbs (ie: right hand, left foot) at the same time with a flat back, we call that a bear crawl. MovNat is very clear that this is NOT a bear crawl, its a contra-lateral hand foot crawl. Does this mean I am now bilingual?
  5. Max height med ball tosses (thrown from a deadlift position) area  fantastic drill to promote triple extension and build explosive jumping power. Don’t believe me? Take a 14 or 20 pound ball outside and do 5 sets of 5 tosses. Quad burner! It’s also just hella good fun!
  6. Trying to compete 4 straight days of 8 hour tarining in order to earn 2 levels of certification was overly ambitious. But I have no regrets for trying. They can’t take the knowledge out of my head, so it was still time well spent, even if I don’t have the Level 2 Certificate.
  7. Even if I’d been at the top  of my game, I would not have passed the Level 2 Physical Competence exam. There were some climbing moves that were simply out of my league…for now. That being said, the gaps in my ability to pass that exam were not as wide as I was anticipating.
  8. Related to my health: guys on blood thinners should generally avoid using metal pull rigs as a jungle gym/monkey bars. I’ll spare you the pictures…that being said, when it worked, this was also hella good fun.
  9. I was totally proud of the CFD Tribe! Everyone was gracious, flexible and accommodating to our guests. Thanks to my fellow coaches and all of the athletes for being so flexible.
  10. there are far more similarities than differences between Crossfit and MovNat. I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to explore this. I look forward to blending the two in my coaching going forward.

Thank you, Dave for making this fantastic learning opportunity a possibility!