Is it too soon for a year in review post? Dunno, but I’m doing it anyway. I’ve been resting up after 4 straight days of MovNat certification last week. While I’m at it, I’ve been reflecting on the year that’s about to close. It’s been dynamic to say the least.

So here are the goals that I set for myself for 2015. Goal 1: take part in at least one athletic event/competition each month (Excluding Jan and Dec). 2) Earn my Level 1 Crossfit Cert and begin coaching in some capacity.

Here’s the List of What Got Done:

Feb: Level 1 Crossfit Certification: earned. Check.

CFD Valentine’s Day Partner WOD Challenge with Erin

Mar: Florence Forth 10K Run

April: Festivus Games

May: CFD Pull Up Challenge – and a diagnosis of MRSA infection that left me on anti-biotics for 4 months!

June: ?????????????

July: CF Kids Certification earned

August: Bikefest 31 mile bike ride

September: CFD CF Total — and a diagnosis of a blood clot which was the result of the MRSA infection. I’m still taking blood thinners to resolve that particular issue.

Helped Launch CFD’s CF Kids program at the gym and introduced the program to the After School Program at my daughter’s elementary school.

October: CFD Olympic Lifting Competition

November: Select 8 Master’s Competition – a third place finish. This was the first time I’ve been on a podium in a crossfit competition! Very cool. Also completed the MovNat Level 1 Certification enabling me to share that with the athletes I coach at CFD.

I acknowledge that I didn’t get a competition or event completed in every calendar month. I did complete two in February and again in November though, so that averages one a month. I’m going to declare that ‘goal met.’

I earned not one but three separate training certifications and we’re putting those to good use in the gym and the larger Durham community! That was always in my mind, but I wasn’t certain we’d accomplish it inside of a year.

I’m a lucky guy to have the support of family and friends to be afforded the time to do all of that. I am very grateful. I’m also pleased with the diversity of the activity. Bike rides, long (for me) runs, and education mixed in with straight up functional fitness events. Good stuff.

It has been a very rewarding year even with the physical challenges that came with it. It’s been a long time since I had to invest as much time, energy and conscious thought into just staying healthy as I did this year. It was kind of draining in its own right.

My immediate goals are to: get my legs truly healthy again; not go off the caloric deep end between now and New Year and not let the holiday blitz throw my workout routine too far out of whack.

Things I intend to do differently next year:

I don’t know that I’m compelled to stay quite that busy in terms of competitions. I might pull back on the frequency of things.

I would like to do more team competitions next year. While all of the competitions this year were done with groups of friends, they were still individual competitions. Next year, I’ve got a couple of buddies out there who I’d really like to compete with as teams of Silverbacks, just to see how we do. I think I’d also really enjoy teaming up with Erin for a competition, if she’ll partner with me. 😉 She’s got her own crew now and did her first team event last weekend completely without me and had a blast. So I’m not sure what her goals are for 2016, yet.

I also think I want to get back to Mud Runs/Obstacle Courses. I’m not talking full on Tough Mudders, but something like a Rugged Maniac or Spartan Sprint next year could be a lot of fun.

Don’t know what the future holds, but I’m looking forward to it.