Went close to two weeks without doing a formal Crossfit workout. Really didn’t know what to do with myself. Went back to it today on my birthday. It was well worth it.

If you know me, then you’re asking yourself, “why two weeks off?” The first one was intentional. After 4 days of MovNat cert and competitions the previous two weekends I was beat up! I took the first week off just to recuperate. The second week off kind of snuck up on me.

I planned on working out during my regular 7:15 am slot for the week before Thanksgiving. But when I sat down that Sunday night to set my workout schedule I suddenly realized that I had agreed to COACH all of those sessions for the week because the regular scheduled coach was on vacation! Now, I certainly could have found other class times to workout. So that’s mostly an excuse.

Add to that that I had a consultation with Dr. Krista at Active Life Concepts that week and I have now been diagnosed with an injury to the meniscus in my left knee. And if you’ve been following this blog for any time then I’ll answer your obvious next questions: “Yes, it’s the left leg. The same one that suffered the MRSA infection in April and the blood clot for which I’m still taking blood thinners.” I swear. All I want for Christmas is two healthy legs under me.

All that to say that the scheduling snag, the new diagnosis, and Thanksgiving holiday craziness, I just bailed and sat out a second week. But, as I said, back at it today.

Strength: Front Squat

3 sets of 5 around 75% of 1RM
3 sets of 3 around 85% of 1RM

Dr Krista was very clear that I need to be real careful about squatting with this knee and avoiding any internal rotation. So I worked my way up to 165#/66% of 1RM and stayed at that weight for the entire strength session. With a compression sleeve and at that weight the knee felt pretty good.

5 Rounds
20 Min Cap

30 Wall Ball 20#
5 Deadlifts 315#
-2 min rest between each round-

The additional guidance was, if not Rx, then 80-85% of 1RM. 315 was right in this window, so RX it was. I completed 4 rounds for sure. I think the coach gave me a bit of a birthday gift on the whiteboard. He put me down for 4 + 30 Rx. When I turned around after my 30th rep hit the floor, I was pretty certain the clock read 20:22. Of course, I was oxygen deprived, so I may have been seeing double and I certainly wouldn’t want to call anyone else’s integrity into question. So 4+30 it is.

I considered doing the last 5 deadlifts, but the final two reps of the previous round were SLOPPY. The only thing that seemed likely to come out of powering through those last reps was a back injury, so I left them alone.

I didn’t tell anyone it was my birthday today. I was going to let it ride, but then a friend asked and I answered that it was. Everyone was very generous with their birthday wishes, then the birthday burpee banter started. I don’t know if it’s a Crossfit tradition or simply a CFD tradition, but the expectation is that the birthday boy or girl will do one burpee for every year they are old. At my age, that will take a while! Besides, it’s my birthday. I’m not letting anyone tell me what to do on my day. Still, I want to be a good sport, so my tradition has become birthday ball slams! I did my requisite 45 slams and then went about my day.

It was a pretty cool way to get back into the action.