Keeping workout descriptions clean and simple. Fallen behind on my posting. Hell, I didn’t realize until today, that I haven’t cataloged a workout since my birthday. Did a few. Just didn’t record them. So I have had to reconstruct them according to the best of my memory.

Dec 1

2 clean high pulls
2 cleans (squat)
6 sets As Heavy as Possible

Worked from 95-155 pounds. Should have been heavier, but more on that later.

20 min CAP
Run 800M
42 Russian Kettle Bell Swings 52#
24 pull ups

Subbed in 1000M rows for the runs and ring rows for the pull ups. Completed 2 rounds + third rows


Bring Sally Up Push Up Challenge – If you’ve seen or taken part in the air or back squat equivalent, then you have a pretty good idea how this works. You play the song “Bring Sally Up” and basically follow the directions. You start holding the front leaning rest hovering off the ground/floor when the song begins. Every time they say “bring Sally up,” you come to the top of the push up. When the song says, “bring Sally down,” drop back into the bottom plank position and hover. I did this alone this day and got to the 2:40 mark. I think I could have gone further, if I’d been better motivated and/or working with someone else.

AMRAP 15 min
Run 400M
10 Front Squat (185# Rx/135-A)
20 Abmat Sit Ups

I rowed 500M rather than run and scaled the Front Squats to 135, I think. Might have been 155, but I don’t recall for certain. Completed 3 rounds even.

12/4 I lead the 6:15 Bootcampers on the Urban Scramble. Basically a one + mile course running through downtown Durham improvising calisthenics, and negotiating found obstacles along the way. It was a great 30 minute workout and I participated right along side the athletes. We had a real good time.

Tabata Ring Dips, 4 min
Tabata T2B, 4 min

All ring dips were done with a purple band. That feels like I’m slipping backwards there. T2B, I averaged 5 reps per round.

9 muscle ups
11 Hang Power Snatch (115# Rx)
Run 400M

I subbed 2:1 pull ups for the first round, then 2:1 ring rows for the other 2 rounds.

Scaled the HPS to 95#. These were tough. I was trying to be mindful of the fact that I’m still taking blood thinners. Banging a 95# bar against my hips seemed irresponsible so I frequently dropped the bar to the floor and had to reset to the hang each rep. Very slow way to proceed through this METCON.

I subbed 500M rows for runs again.

Completed 2 rounds and 25 reps.


Front Squat –

3-3-3-1-1-1 (try to establish new 1RM)

I worked up to 225#, 90% of 1RM.

10 Clean and Jerk (135#)
25 Wall Ball 20#/10′ target

10:11 to complete, Rx.
So if you read this and you know me, then you can see that there’s been a lot of scaling of activities which I’m normally capable of completing. However, I have injured my left leg yet again! It is a completely frustrating situation. This time there’s something tweaky with the meniscus. I’ve had it examined by my trusted chiropractor and we’re confident the meniscus is injured, but it’s unclear to what extent. Under normal circumstances, I would trust the care of this to Active Life and we’d apply Active Release Techniques, but given the healing blood clot in that leg, my GP doesn’t feel the manipulation and massage that would be part of ART is a good idea. So I have a referral, but not an appointment yet, to an orthopedist to have the leg further evaluated and to develop a course of action.

In the meantime, I’m scaling anything and everything that simply doesn’t feel good. I really resent the fact that it’s necessary to talk to yet another doctor about another problem with my left leg. I’m simply sick of discussing it. I just want to have two healthy legs under me again. But I’m trying not to dwell on this too much. We’ll see where this goes and hopefully the recovery process isn’t too protracted or involved.