Strength: Hang Snatch work up to 1RM on the day

I went into this session very uncertain about what to expect from my balky knee. This injury is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. One instant I’m standing around fine. The next, I twist or rotate a few degrees in the wrong direction and I’m on the floor looking up wondering what just happened.

On the positive side, being mindful of the knee has made me very aware of how I place my feet on every rep of every exercise. I believe that paid off today. That and Coach Lindsay’s astute observation that I was starting my shrug/arm pull too early.

When the session was over I had successfully snatched 150#. That’s 90% of my 1RM and between my shoulder and leg issues that is the most I’ve snatched since pulling a 145# in the Halloween Olympic Lift Competition. So I felt very good about it.

The lift itself was very ugly. I basically star-fished it, but it went from ground to overhead, so I counted it. I then decided to make another attempt to do it properly. However, as an illustration of my earlier point about how unpredictable my knee can be, before my final attempt I did an ‘air snatch.’ Just trying to go through the motions from the hang through the extension into a good squatting landing position. At the top of the extension the knee popped and nearly buckled! WTH!

That was in my head as I tried my second attempt at 150#. I was timid and couldn’t make the lift. Ah well.


Go as high as possible up the following ladder in 12 min
2 Overhead Squat (115# Rx)
2 Pull Up
4 Overhead Squat
4 Pull Up
…and so on

Being mindful of my knee, I was uncertain what weight to use for this workout. But while executing the hang snatches at 115#, I attempted two or three OHS. The knee felt stable, so I decided to go Rx.

I was pleased with the OHS that I was able to get through the round of 8 with unbroken squats. The next two rounds were broken up in uneven sets.

Pull ups were better than anticipated. They’ve been a challenge lately. Today I found a pretty good rhythm in my kip and was able to maintain it for sets of 4 as I intended.

When time expired I had completed the round of 12 plus an additional 8 overhead squats. The knee held up just fine for the duration. That was a very satisfying result.

The other highlight of note was that I got to spend another afternoon yesterday instructing Crossfit with the kids at my daughter’s after school care program. We’ve been doing this once a month during early release days. It’s been an absolute blast.

We’ve done it enough now that the kids know we’re coming and look forward to our visits. They come running and mob us when we enter the playground. We have a great time putting them through a workout and crossfit games. They’ve done enough now that they have favorite games that they ask for and I always try to introduce something new every time we come.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share with the kids. Even on a day like yesterday where I left the house feeling flat and a bit unprepared, the kids just radiate energy and excitement and it’s contagious.

We put them through a burpee challenge set to Queen’s “I Want It All” where you play the song and any time the title phrase is said, you do a burpee. You end up doing around 25 burpees over the course of the tune, but in between I was encouraging the kids to run in place, bounce, dance…just be in motion. By the time we were two minutes into the song, I was leading a band of roughly 30 flailing air guitarists! It was fantastic. I left the session feeling fully charged and invigorated. It was one of those days where the kids definitely gave more to me than I imparted to them.

I also got to enjoy a quiet chuckle to myself in that at least I know a few kids are drinking the Crossfit Kool-Aid.

Near the end of the session we had the kids doing plank wars. Basically, it’s two person tug of war while holding a plank. I noticed a pair of girls both on their knees and one was sobbing. I hustled over to check on them to ensure they hadn’t banged heads. Another grown up was there and I asked, “is everyone ok? Did some one get hurt?” The man turned out to be the girl’s father and he answered. “No. She’s fine. She’s just upset because it’s time to go home and she doesn’t want to leave because the workout’s not over.” I told her not to be upset, we were just about done. And then I reminded them both that she’s welcome to join us at CFD on any Tuesday afternoon, or Saturday morning, if she wants to come out and play with us again. Then I walked back to the group and gave myself a little fist pump.