It seemed as if today was the very opposite of yesterday. Yesterday was fun and fast. Today was such a grinder.

10 minutes Muscle Ups – I worked kneeling transitions doing two or three every round. Coach Doug actually modified this and put us through eight rounds, rather than ten and I appreciated his discretion. These were just ok, I guess. I have so much to learn here and work on next year.

4 minutes Tabata Toes to Bar – Doug advised us to pick a number and execute that number every round. I chose 4 reps per round. That turned out to be a bit ambitious. By round 6 I was really struggling to stay up on the rig. I think I did two, possibly three reps each of the last two rounds. I landed heavy coming off the last rep and jarred my left knee. That was not encouraging as we set up for the METCON.

3 Rounds for Time
12 Deadlifts (275 – Rx)
24 Box Jumps 24″ Rx
36 Wall Balls 20#/10′ – Rx

This workout was originally published with a 15 minute cap. I had no expectation of finishing it. I went into this one with a “let’s do it Rx and see how far we go” sort of mentality.

275 is just over 70% of my 1RM, so there was no scaling that. Man, those felt heavy though. First two rounds I did sets of three where I lifted the first two reps up and set them down, then dropped the third. Last round I did singles dropping every single rep from the top.

The second round of deadlifts left me dizzy. So much so that I had to take a knee for a good ten seconds before moving on to box jumps. Coach Doug came to check on me, “you ok?” I answered, “Fine. Just dizzy. Thought you’d appreciate it, if I got that under control before starting the box jumps.” He walked away laughing and called back, “yeah. I do.”

Where box jump overs felt smooth and light on Sunday, box jumps felt leaden today. I mixed in step ups sporadically in the second and third rounds just to stay in motion, but try to recover some breath and energy.

Wall balls were all right. First set I think I went 12-12-12. Second round was three sets each set less reps than the first, but it wasn’t an organized thing. It was a do what you can, do some more, do what’s left sort of thing. Last round was 24 and 12. I just wanted to be DONE!

I mentioned the time cap earlier. I had seen last night that it was 15 minutes and that’s what I expected going into the WOD. I completed my third set of deadlifts, looked at the clock and saw a time of 15:18 but the clock was still running. I thought, “I didn’t hear Doug call time. Maybe he wanted me to see that set through.” I had no intention of finishing the remainder of the work after the cap. I was walking to the water fountaing for a drink. Then I checked the whiteboard. The cap had been shifted to 20 minutes! I thought, “well, shit! I can’t sit around for the next four plus minutes.” I plodded through the remaining round and my last wall ball hit the floor at 19:34, I believe. I collapsed to the floor a second after. I was spent.

I am grateful that tomorrow is a scheduled rest day because that was the type of work out where you know no matter how much mobility you get in, it’s going to ache for days. And as I mentioned opposites earlier, where yesterday’s METCON is one that I would love another attempt to improve my time, today was one that I sincerely hope I never see that one again. Tough, tough stuff. Not bad, just tough.