Gah! This tweaky knee is completely unpredictable and it’s driving me batty!

Strength: Front Squat: 1RM
Front squats felt SO good today. I worked my way up to a 5#PR of 255! It felt absolutely spectacular. The lifts just felt ON today.

Row 30 Cal
12 Overhead Squats at 95#

I completed 4 rounds + 3 calories (RX). I was VERY satisifed with that score. I was coaching on Saturday, so I was responsible for resetting the whiteboard that day. This meant I had a chance to review all of Friday’s scores. Mine was one of the top 3 recorded on the day! I don’t ever remember that happening. Suffice it to say, that was one of the strongest days I can recall having.

I coached all 4 sessions on Saturday, so I didn’t work out. I chose to rest Sunday as well. Not sure, but that might have been a mistake.

Clean (1RM)
Cleans were just a hot mess from start to finish. While warming up at 95#, Coach Doug observed that I wasn’t keeping the bar close to my body. I was letting it arc out and away. He reminded me to pull using high elbows. The very next lift, I yanked the bar up, lost my grip and ended up catching it no-handed on the shelf of my shoulders in a viking style position!

Shortly after that, I realized that I was landing forward on the balls of my feet and my toes. So I made the conscious decision to really stomp my feet flat on the landing to emphasize staying back in the heels. When I did that, my left knee buckled and I immediately dropped the bar. After that, I was timid every rep. I worked my way up to a set of 3 at 155, well below 1RM and quit. Just wasn’t my day.

5 Rds for Time
10 Box Jump 30″ RX
10 Front Squats 155 – RX
10 Over the Bar Burpees
15 Min Cap

I tried to be smart here. I really did. No way I was going to do 30″ box jumps, so I scaled to 24″. I’ve done those before with this knee, no problem. Even though Front Squats had been so good just two days ago, I tried to be smart and scaled to 135#. I will concede that I made a poor choice on the burpees. I chose to do lateral hops the first round because they’re usually quicker. But I know that my knee tends to react poorly to most lateral movement right now, so that was questionable.

I was landing soft through all box jumps the first round, but I could feel my knee chirping at me. Just reminding me every rep, “You’d better watch out here.”

Even though I went unbroken, I was very conscious to go JUST below parallel (I probably stopped at parallel on a few reps) and I could still feel my knee straining on every rep. No pain, just tension.

As I mentioned, I started doing over the bar burpees laterally, but my knee wiggled and I thought, “Shit, that’s a bad idea. Switch to bar facing.”

I got through the first round and did the next set of box jumps worried more about my knee then my landings. I got through unscathed, but when I stepped off the box, I decided, “this is just wrong. Every rep either hurts, or has me concentrating more on my knee than the movement. I’m done.”

I signaled to Coach Doug that I was walking away. He suggested that I spend the time working mobility, which I did. In fact, that was my “score” on today’s whiteboard. While everyone else either had their time of completion or rounds and reps written in, Doug simply wrote in “mobility” for my score. I appreciated his sense of humor.

So the question becomes: “Well, Paul. What are you doing about your knee?” The answer is, I saw a PA on Friday who through a series of manipulations, confirmed my chiropractor’s diagnosis that I likely have an injury to the meniscus. I’m going for an MRI the day after Christmas to confirm and determine how extensive the issue is. That was an interesting appointment.

The PA works for an orthopaedic surgeon and he was speaking as if surgery is a foregone conclusion. I’m not convinced of that. I would much prefer to resolve this via PT and other alternatives before taking on surgery. I have the name and number of another orthopaedic physician who avoids surgery. Once I have the results of the MRI and the first doctor’s recommended course of action, I intend to visit the second for another assessment and alternative course of action.

I did have a chuckle to myself while visiting the orthopaedist. They took an xray of my knee. This confounds me a bit. We’re all confident that it’s a meniscus injury, but muscle doesn’t show up on an xray. So that leaves me wondering what was the point? I’m presuming that it’s to rule out any other type of injury to the bones/joint.

Anyway…the xray technician was a twenty-something young woman and per standard operating procedure she offered me the lined collar to protect my throat and an apron/loin cloth to protect my groin from unwanted radiation. That’s when I laughed out loud. She looked at me and I reigned in my laughter and simply apologized and thanked her.

Internally I was resisting the urge to explain to her, “Hon. That ship not only sailed, but it sank and was lost at sea over 15 years ago.”