Tuesday: December 22
Strength: Strict Press 1RM

This went reasonably well. I worked up to 155#. It was the SLOWEST rep I have ever completed. The bar got stuck just over my forehead and I couldn’t advance it, but I refused to give in. Eventually, I was able to press it out successfully. Doug’s observation was, “Clearly, that’s your 1RM for today.” It was 10# shy of my current 1RM, so I have no complaints.

Power Snatch (95#)
Pull Ups
15 min cap

Power snatches were ok today, not great. There were two specific reps on the back end of the WOD where I landed awkward and my weak knee buckled. I redid those reps, but other than that, not much going on there.

I did pull ups until the round of 15. From 15 on I did ring rows. The pull ups themselves were going ok, but I could feel my grip getting hot and my callouses were getting soft. I was concerned about tearing, so I switched over.

I completed the METCON in 14:34. Obviously, I would not have finished within the cap, if I’d stuck with the pull ups, but that’s just fine.

Wednesday: December 23
I coached both the 6:15 and 7 am bootcamp sessions this morning. This was great fun!

Both crews did a great job charging through a 12 Days of Christmas WOD. With warm up, set up, walk through, demonstrations and execution the workout took up the greatest portion of the class.

There were a few minutes left at the end of the 6:15 session, so we had an indoor snowball fight. Snowballs were balled up paper towels wrapped in clear tape. We formed up two teams and got underway. It was basically CF Dodgeball. If you got hit, you had to step out, do three burpees, then get back in the game.

We scrambled around for a good 5 minutes. There was lots of laughter. It was a blast.

The 7am class completed the METCON right at the close of the scheduled class time and they seemed pretty gassed. I instructed everyone to clean up their gear and wished them a happy holiday. Some one asked, “Aren’t we going to get to play your game?”

I answered immediately, “Hey, we’re out of time so if anyone needs to leave, no hard feelings. But for anyone that wants to stick around and play, GAME ON! I’ll get the snowballs.” Five of the six athletes chose to stay.  The teams were uneven, so I jumped into this session.

While we had ‘teams’ for this game. I’m pretty certain just like when I coach the CF Kids, there was a bit of ‘get the coach’ going on and that’s just fine. I’m not saying I got hit by friendly fire, but some of the snow balls that hit me came in from the sides and a couple came from BEHIND after they drifted over into the CF space! I never got the chance to throw many snowballs as I basically spent 5 minutes doing burpees. All in good fun.

We had another good 5 minute session and then cleaned up. Everyone left with smiles and friendly handshakes all around.

I continue to contend that play is a massively important part of staying active and I’m inspired by, and extremely grateful for, a community that is willing to embrace that concept with me. I really appreciate that a group of adults continues to be willing to set aside the traditional exercise some times and dive into some of these games and drills that might be seen as childish or silly. Their trust and willingness to embrace something new is inspiring.