It’s been a week since I wrote last? Huh. Just been living life and doing things other than writing, I guess. Well, let’s see if we can get caught up.

Strength: EMOM 10 Muscle Ups
I don’t have muscle ups, so I worked a transition from the floor doing 4 or 3 reps per round. Kind of fun to work a new variety of transition.

Tabata Push Up: I was all over the board here. Reps by round were: 11, 6, 8, 8, 8, 7, 6, 7.

METCON: For Time 15 min Cap
30 Thrusters (95#)
90 Double Unders
20 Thrusters
60 Double Unders
10 Thrusters
30 Double Unders

I can’t tell you why but thrusters which are normally a ok lift for me were just ROUGH on this morning. I told Lindsay that my hips felt crunchy during all the reps as if I hadn’t loosened up adequately, but that wasn’t quite accurate. The reps were just SO SLOW! It seemed to take a full 7 count to get from the bottom of each squat to the top of the lift. Plodding is the best word I can think to describe it.

By contrast, double unders were actually pretty rewarding. I hit some good long runs and was mostly able to control the reps.

I didn’t finish the work out. I got through the round of 60 double unders with less than 30 seconds left and signaled Lindsay that I was done. I wasn’t going back to thrusters.

I accomplished my goals for the day. I confirmed that I can get through a reasonably high volume of thrusters and double unders without tweaking my knee. That was my primary goal for the day.

After coaching three sessions on Saturday once the gym was mostly empty I set up an obstacle course for balance work. I placed nine eight foot beams across a series of boxes or platforms working from an elevation of 12″ to 30″, and then an exit ramp.

I walked the route a couple of times to feel out the boards, and make adjustments on planks that felt unnecessarily unstable. My first design had the transition boards between heights switching back across the course so that I was forced to make turns greater than 90 degrees. This was fine while working at bodyweight.

However, once I hung 40 pounds of kettlebells off the bamboo earthquake bar, that turn around proved to be too much. I simply lacked the patience and stability to move slowly enough to come that far around. The weights swung too wildly and I had to step off the beam/box. So I shifted the transition boards to 90 degree turns.

I completed the route once at bodyweight. Then twice with the weights. A friend recorded the second attempt. I had to step off the second 20 inch box as the board lifted straight up under my weight and sent me backward. Other than that it was a clean run. Great fun.

Reaction to my balance work has been interesting and amusing. It ranges anywhere from simple amusement to moderate amazement to absolute disbelief. Generally, anything I do on the floor, people want to take a turn. Mount beams on the 12″ boxes and many folks are curious and want to experiment. Get higher than 20″ and people start shaking their heads and waving me off when I offer them turns. Place the beams on 30″ boxes or higher and people want no part of what I’m doing.

I think the thing I enjoy most is that for those who attempt some of this, they realize that it’s not nearly as simple as it appears. I look forward to continuing to develop this and hope that more folks come out and play with me.

I wanted to try a front squat one rep max, but in warming up it was obvious that my knee simply wasn’t in the mood. So I abandoned the bar for more balance work. I was playing with Lil Bit as I worked. So we took turns traversing 16 feet of balance beam set on the floor. We walked it forward, backward, with long lunge steps. We tossed and caught dodgeballs as we walked the beams. (Balance, coordination and accuracy!)

The highlights of this work were two fold. One, with 16′ of board on the floor, I was able to traverse it in a low profile bear crawl end to end. That’s a first! Second, I put an 8′ beam across the top of the jerk boxes (roughly 5 feet high) and pushed myself up onto the beam, made a successful transition from lying across the beam to sitting, to standing, did two 180 degree turns, then transitioned back to sitting and then slid down to the floor. That’s the highest I’ve ever worked. It keeps you focused, for sure.

I took part in the scheduled WOD, the hero WOD Sisson.

As Prescribed:
20 Minute AMRAP
1 15′ Rope Climb
5 Burpee
200M Run

I subbed a 250M row for the run, partly because I know there won’t be any running in the Open, so the extra rowing practice is a help. Partly, because my knee doesn’t like running.

Due to the size of the crowd and the equipment availability, I started on the rower and then worked through the exercises in order. I completed 7 rounds, rowed an additional 250M and did 5 burpees. Now you’re saying to yourself, “Paul, what about that last rope climb?” Good eye. With less than a minute to go after the last row and the ropes on the far side of the gym, I elected to modify and knock out the burpees.

I was pleased with this score. I can’t think of a workout where I was able to complete that many rope climbs successfully.

Tabata Ring Dips/T2B – I typically did 2 reps per round for both segments here. The T2B were amusing because each round I had to do a 3/4 rep to build momentum in order to then make the next rep count. So effectively I had to do nearly three reps each round to count two. Not the most efficient technique, but hey.

AMRAP 15 Minute
5 power clean (155# Rx/120 – Actual)
10 Box Jump (24″ Rx/20″ Actual)
15 Wall Ball 20#/10′ – Rx

I scaled this one significantly. I was testing a few things with the Open in mind. One, I wanted to get through all the cleans without popping my knee. Cleans and snatches have been the lifts where I most frequently have issues. By scaling back to this weight, I could keep my feet flat on the floor all the way through the reps and my knee never gave out. Not certain what I’m going to do during the Open if weights are in this 155# range.

The other thing I was testing was going through a METCON in my lifters to help with keeping my feet flat. My current pair of Innov-8 shoes are destroyed! I have had great difficulty locating a new pair of shoes (that’s it’s own post/rant), but I have a pair of Nano’s on order now. Still for today, I wanted to experiment with doing a METCON in my lifters for foot/knee stability. The only place where it presented a challenge was during box jumps. I didn’t like jumping in them, so I went to step ups. If I’m honest with myself, that was probably to my advantage as I didn’t run out of gas. So I’ll have to bear that in mind going forward.

I didn’t have a solid goal in terms of reps for this workout. I was more concerned with getting through pain free and experimenting with pacing and movement. When Coach Doug called time I was one rep short of 7 rounds! Ah well. Given I executed 209 reps pain free, I’m counting this WOD as a win.