Very cool morning at the gym today. Got to coach the 6am Crossfit class and hang out with some friends, then did the workout at 7:15 and had better than anticipated results.

Coaching the 6am session was fun because that’s a group of people that I don’t get to hang out with much any more. It was a treat to spend time with them and guide them through today’s work out. I was teasing them that I was only there on a scouting mission for our Open Intramural team. There were 9 athletes at the session. Only two of them are not currently registered for the Open, but we’re working on that. There was one fellow Flex Capacitor athlete at the session. Everyone else was representing Teams Swolemates and Buns N’ Guns, I believe. There might have been a member or two from other teams, but I’m not certain. All in all, we had a good time.

In between sessions, Cap’n Mike and I had a little fun around the box plastering team Flex Capacitor logo magnets around the gym. Just a bit of guerilla recruiting and tom-foolery.



Hang Snatch


It has been MONTHS since I’ve attempted a snatch as it’s the lift most likely to aggravate my meniscus. The combination of going up on my toes in the triple extension and jumping my feet out to the squat/catch position tends to be too many variables to manage. It frequently ends up popping my knee. However, snatches are one of the most commonly used lifts in the Open, so it seemed prudent to practice. I had no goals in terms of weights. My goals today were simply to be technically sound and see at what weight form broke down, then back off and practice.

Pleased to say that I worked through all 12 reps, plus a couple of warm ups pain free. And I worked up to singles at 135# without ever really compromising my form. That’s 85% of my one rep max, so I’m very pleased.

I was working at 115# when Coach Doug came by and observed a lift or two. He asked: “how does it feel?”

I answered, “Honestly, it feels really good. How does it look?”

His answer was, “It looks good. You’re moving very well. I’d like to see you move faster though. See if you can speed it up.”

I tried it and I ended up with a wide loopy bar path which I had to dive forward to get under and I was forward in my feet. I salvaged the lift, but it was ugly. While my knee did not pop, both Doug and I grimaced at the entire motion.

He said, “I’m guessing you don’t want to try that again.”

I said, “I’m ok, but you’re right. I don’t.”

Doug said, “Fair enough, I won’t mention speed again today.”

All subsequent lifts were clean and pain free.

My knee did pop once this morning. I was just walking to my gym bag to retrieve my WOD book and I caught my toe in the seam between two floor mats and stumbled. POP! Totally random and annoying.

10 Overhead Squat 95#
10 Toes to Bar

Having seen the 6am crew go through this, I knew it was tough. I also knew that for me, toes to bar would be the limiting factor.

I paced myself cautiously. I just wanted to keep moving and wanted 5 full rounds Rx. I was on pace until late in the fourth round. Everything was going great. Toes 2 Bar actually felt smooth this morning and I was really consistent with my routine. 5 reps, hop off the bar. 5 steps away from the rig, 5 steps back to rest/recover. Back up on the bar and 5 more reps.

This went great until my second set of 5 in the fourth round. I mistimed the first swing, missed the rep and then fell all out of sequence. I hopped off the bar, caught my breath hopped back up and tried again. They were just gone!

It wasn’t muscle fatigue. My grip felt great. My core and legs all felt good. It was a complete sequence/timing issue. I simply wasn’t controlling my breathing, my muscles. I just couldn’t make the muscles fire in the proper sequence. It was all a matter of rhythm. I muddled through the last five reps in I believe a set of two and three with at least one no rep in each set because I didn’t touch.

I hustled through the next 10 OHS and went back to the rig. My first attempt at toes to bar were frantic. It took three attempts to get a single rep. I hopped down walked away and calmed my breathing. Back to the rig, focused and began swinging again. They were back! I got two quick reps and Doug called time!

4 rounds, 13 reps. Dang! Short of my goal, but I’m not upset. Been a long time since toes to bar felt that smooth and I’m satisfied that late in the workout I was able to calm myself and recover the rhythm and technique rather than get totally flustered and let it destroy me.

A good day overall.