I got an e-mail today from a person asking if I do personal fitness training, in other words one on one individualized training. I kid you not. I e-mailed my wife with, “why would he reach out to me?” She replied sweetly, “well you are a certified registered trainer in two different disciplines, Dipshit.” (I’m assuming that the dipshit was an auto-correct for darling.) It just seemed so out of left field and outlandish that someone might believe that I have something to teach them.

It’s taken a lot of thought to tease out why that simple question flustered me. I think it’s just a very graphic indicator of how much things have changed over the past few years. Like all the transformation photos, like all the PR’s and benchmark WOD times, the idea that I could entertain that question is another benchmark in this evolution.

Five years ago I couldn’t tell you the difference between a dumb bell and a kettle bell. Now, I’m part of a team of coaches programming the WODs for the gym’s bootcamp program.

Five years ago I was in desperate need of a personal trainer myself. Today, I legitimately could take on that responsibility and fill that role of being some one else’s personal fitness trainer.

That just blows my mind a bit. I didn’t see that coming.