Today was a really fun workout with lots of body weight work, some upside down-edness and a pleasant surprise.

Muscle Ups
AMRAP in 10 minutes

I worked transitions each minute with my feet on the floor and rings roughly chest height. I hung to full arm extension and then pulled up through the tranition and pressed out the ring dip.

Three reps each round for the first 7 rounds, I believe. Then two per round for the last three.

Then, Tabata Toes to Bar
4 minutes

My goal here was 3 reps per round. Pretty certain I maintained that for 5 rounds, possibly six. Then it was two reps a round.

I’m a little concerned about this given we can be pretty confident that this will show up in the Open some time. However, having just completed 16.1 yesterday with overhead work and chest to bar pull ups and acknowledging  that I’m tired from that, I’m not overly concerned.

We had time to practice the burpee pull over before starting the METCON. I’m familiar with the pullover because it’s something we learned in MovNat in November. If you’re not familiar with it I offer this. It’s basically an inverted bar muscle up. In the muscle up you try to stay upright pulling your hips up to the bar then lunge your torso over the bar leadig with your head and then press out your arms to full extension. In a pull over you try to get your hips to the bar, then get YOUR FEET elevated over and around the bar. Roll yourself around the bar from underneath until you are on top of it and then to full extension on top of the bar with your arms.

This is another goal of mine for the coming year. I was really kind of tickled to see it show up in today’s METCON.

We were discussing the move and I was describing it to the other athletes. I made an attempt simply to demonstrate positioning and I unintentionally got my hips closer to the bar than I ever have before. I mean it was a matter of a couple of inches.

Had I been prepared for that I just might have lucked into the full pull over. But as it was, I was shocked to realize what I’d accomplished and was unprepared to take the next steps. By the time I realized the potential of the moment the upward momentum was gone and I was dropping back down out of the inversion!

I made a couple more attempts, but never hit the same combination of height and positioning. But at least I now know the potential is there.

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
10 Burpee pullovers (scale to burpee pullups)
30 air squats
60 second hanstand hold

I scaled to burpee pull ups for the METCON. After completing Open 16.1 yesterday, I won’t tell any stories. I WALKED through all of these reps. Even so, these were what I call yoga burpees. The descent is pretty standard, but after my chest hit the deck I would rock back onto my haunches, hands still in front of my like child’s pose. Then it was up onto all fours into cow. From there I’d sort of pop my hips up into some some ugly downward dog, then step out of that to a standing position again. Effective, but not efficient. So be it.

Squats were fine. I got about 15 each round. Handstand holds were fun. I did solid 60 second holds each of the first two rounds. The last two rounds went 45 seconds and 15 seconds each to get the requisite minute.

When time expired I had completed 4 rounds and 5 reps. Works for me.

Just for the sake of play, I wish I had scaled the burpee pull ups a bit differently. It might have been fun to preserve the inversion element of the pull over by doing burpee/skin the cats, or perhaps a ring inversion. Just didn’t occur to me at the time. Ah well. No big deal.

It’s funny how a little success or progress towards a goal can motivate me. Just getting my hips closer to that bar today has reinvigorated my desire to get that pull over. The result is that I’m far more motivated about my food intake again.

I’ve been shall we say, “less reckless” about what and how I eat since the holidays. Still, I have been no where near vigilant, and I’m still carrying a good 10-12 unnecessary pounds.

Knowing that all of the gymnastic moves would be that much easier if there was just a bit less of me to move through space and having that little taste of success this morning now has me tracking my macros and all of it today. Here’s hoping it sticks for a while and becomes habit again.