Some days you feel bullet proof. Some days you feel so very vulnerable and exposed. But you keep going back. That’s the key

Strength: Front Squat 3-3-3-1-1-1

Not certain why, but of late the base of my hamstring immediately behind my left knee (the injured one) has been feeling very very tight. Not injured, just locked up. It takes an immense amount of effort and stretching to loosen it up to be effective.

Today while warming up it was so tight that for a little while it prevented me from getting to the bottom of an air squat. Yikes.

Bearing that in mind, I began front squats very tentatively with lots of warm up sets and extra stretching mingled in. In fact, the only thing that stopped me from just declaring today a mistake and walking away was that I noticed many of the other athletes at today’s session doing the same. Knock out a set, settle in for some more stretching. No one seemed to be crushing their workout this morning. Most folks seemed to need a bit more TLC on that certain spot. Since we all seemed to be in the same boat, I decided to see things through.

When the strength session was over, my final single was a successful lift at 225#. That’s 90% of 1RM, so it was a reasonable day. But every rep felt like it required exceptional effort and attention. I felt like I was fighting to stay centered. My brain wanted to protect my left leg so I would shift right, realize it and then slide left. There was just lots of extra movement in every rep.

12 Min AMRAP
10 Thrusters (95#)
10 Abmat Sit Ups
# of round Turkish Get Ups/side (44#/25)

On paper, I really liked the look of this workout. Not too long, reasonable weights, fair rep scheme. I like TGU’s. I’m not a fan of thrusters, but we haven’t seen any in the Open yet. So I went into this METCON looking at them as practice to get a feel for them for later this week.

I wasn’t certain how TGU’s would go with the trick knee. Turned out that right side reps were too painful because I had to plant the left knee into the floor and wobbling around on it hurt. It felt like things were grinding inside my knee. Doug and I agreed that I should do all left side TGU’s.

Completing today’s thrusters did nothing to build confidence for whatever may come our way in 16.5. Every rep just felt slow and creaky. There was nothing fluid about them. If 16.5 includes thrusters, I’m going to suffer.

When time expired today, I completed three full rounds, a fourth set of thrusters, a fourth set of abmat sit ups and then an additional 10 sit ups with the time remaining.

I did the extra sit ups because when I completed the 4 set of sit ups, I didn’t want to rush through a get up and risk injuring things, but I didn’t want to just sit still either. So I elected to just keep moving with more sit ups.

It was just a weird sort of day. I just felt like I was plodding through all of today’s work. There were lots of creaks and snaps and crackles and pops from top to bottom and lots of little moments where I gasped and caught my breath as something else unexpected either tightened up or shook loose at a weird time. There was just a lot of, “what the hell is my body doing today?”

Like I said online. The sort of day where I felt old and kind of vulnerable; but hey, I got up, got there and got it done. I’ll get up tomorrow and do it all again.

On a more upbeat note: I checked my score on the Open leaderboard. I realize that it’s early and there is a lot of time for folks to submit their scores between now and 8pm EST tonight. That being said, check this out.


Pretty sure that’s the highest I’ve ever been on the Leaderboard for an individual WOD for my region and age division. It will be curious to see how far it slides between now and Tuesday.  My primary hope is that it will remain inside the Top 250. That would earn my Intramural team extra points towards our competition. I would feel great if at least once during the Open I could earn my team some extra points based on athletic performance and not just general goofiness and my social media skills. I also checked and confirmed that to date, those two Air Force Lieutenants have not entered new scores either. So I still got them…for now. 😉