After yesterday’s painful day, I felt like I needed a confidence booster today. I looked at the prescribed WOD and realized very quickly I wasn’t going to get any reassurances there. Tabata Ring Dips and Tabata Toes 2 Bar for the skill/strength segment. Certainly skills I need to work and strengths I need to improve, but I just wasn’t in the mood today. Then double unders, muscle ups and cleans for the METCON. My knee started to ache just reading that one. So I abandoned the assigned work.

Spent a fair bit of time focusing on mobility. For reasons I don’t understand my hamstring felt MUCH more mobile and flexible today. That was reassuring. As tight as all the joints and muscles felt yesterday, today I felt really loose and limber. Go figure.

After mobility, I couldn’t decide what to do. I was eyeing up the collection of atlas stones, but didn’t really feel like going through the process of stacking the extra mats necessary to protect the stones from chipping/cracking. I also eyed up one of the yolk racks in the gym and realized something. I think I can train those MovNat pop ups on one of those! The rig seems stable enough. The cross beam is thicker than a standard pull up rig. It feels about right to simulate a branch. It’s still metal, but hey, nothing’s going to be perfect.

I did some deadhangs from one of the yolks and did a bit of swinging. Space is definitely going to be an issue. The metal a-frame tree of small iron plates is very close to the yolk I was using. If I attempted any significant sort of swing or kip, I was bound to crash into it. Good motivation to work on a strict move I suppose, but today it felt like unnecessary risk. So I didn’t push my luck. But I look forward to tinkering with this further, if I can maneuver some equipment around.

As I was fussing with the yolk, the Bootcampers were doing Death by Calorie Row. That’s when I decided on my WOD: Death by Stone Clean with the 50# Slam Ball.

I got one of the balls and warmed up a few reps testing how it felt on my back and legs. Everything felt good. It was a well designed challenge for me for right now. My feet were flat and stable on the floor. So no issues with the knee.

I waited until Doug started the clock for the CF Class WOD and I was off. I worked my way through the round of 14, finishing with a second to spare. I did not attempt the round of 15. I think on a diffent day, I could probably charge through it, but I decided to end with a hit. Successfully completing that 14th round was satisfying. I let myself walk away with a win rather than push to the point where I failed. No need for self-inflicted disappointment today.

Speaking of small disappointments. Yesterday I posted how I was at the time 112 in my division/region for Open WOD 16.4. Last night around 9pm I was in position 236. This morning I was pushed out of the Top 250, sitting at position 252. While I’m still proud of the effort I gave and the score I achieved, I am bummed that I wasn’t able to earn a couple of bonus points for my Intramural team based on athletic ability. Ah well.

Overall though, today was a much better day than yesterday. Looking forward to the rest of the week ahead now.