So I haven’t worked out in well over two weeks. I haven’t done anything of substance since I walked away from Open WOD 16.5. Feels kind of weird. Both the fact that I’ve been physically idle that long and that given I haven’t worked out, it feels like I don’t have much to say. Or don’t know what to say about what’s gone on since that last workout. I don’t know that I have too much to write about, that’s relevant or engaging, but it feels like I’ve been quiet overly long. So here are some observations thoughts on what’s new.

the knee surgery is behind us. YAY! It is a great relief to have that done. Wish I could tell you about it, but the truth is as soon as the sedation hit I was gone. I mean I remember the drugs being administered to the IV in the ready room. I remember the staff pushing the bed about roughly the length of the bed in order to clear the curtain. We made a right hand turn and then I’ve got NOTHING. Next thing I recall was waking up in the recovery room.

Some details that have been provided to me since then:

-) Surgery was efficient, routine and the prognosis for a full recovery looks outstanding. They found no unexpected issues within the knee other than the diagnosed tear which was removed and buffed out. I’ve been told everything else looks completely healthy.

-) The piece of the meniscus that had torn was also folded and ‘pinched’ between the upper and lower joint of my knee. Not certain how long it was like that.

-) Thursday I visit the surgeon for a follow up visit as well as the physical therapist to discuss rehab.

-) Even just a couple days removed from the surgery, the knee feels far better than it did pre-surgery. Range of motion is restricted some due to the ace bandages that I’m keeping on the leg. The only time I feel discomfort is if I’m on an incline. I took a bit of a walk downtown on Sunday and climbing one particular block, which is not especially steep created weird pressure in the knee that I didn’t like. Noticed the same discomfort climbing the access ramp at my daughter’s school last night. There’s just something about the angles that creates tension.

Beyond the Surgery: Things I’m realizing as I wait patiently to put a formal rehab plan in place:

-) I’ve been limping and pussy-footing around for 6 months now. I have no idea what a normal stride is right now. That’s going to have some interesting repercussions on my lifting and exercising in general. By the time I get back to a barbell I expect 6-8 weeks to have passed by. I’m going to need to study things from the ground up again and really focus on the foundations. I know I developed some weird work arounds and wonky habits since November. I’m going to need to unlearn those.

I’m not upset about ‘starting over.’ Looking at it as a chance to rebuild a better foundation while still leveraging what I’ve learned so far.

-) By the time I get back to lifting and working on the pull up rig, all of my callouses are going to be GONE! I know. #CrossfitProblems no one else cares about. But if you Crossfit, then you understand and sympathize.

-) I’m taking this down time planning out some new routines which I hope will become habits and help toward my overall goals. More on that as I get a better handle on them. There’s nothing revolutionary there. I’m mapping out how I want to incorporate all of the various tools and aspects of my training to maximize my recovery and performance going forward. I’m trying to figure out how many days a week will be straight Crossfit? How many will be MovNat? How often will I ROMWOD? Where will I fit it all in during a day? Will I continue to WOD in the mornings or will I shift to late evening?

-) I’m also working out my thoughts on some additional posts, but having a tough time getting that particular series to crystalize. We’ll see what comes of it.

Sorry there isn’t more to share, but that’s kind of where everything stands right now. Will keep folks posted as things develop