Visited the PT last Thursday. She said the dreaded words no Crossfitter ever wants to hear, “No deep squatting for at least six weeks. After the six weeks take your time working to full range of motion (no load), then baby it adding loads as time goes by.” Hmmm. That makes programming a bit of a challenge.

She assigned me wall sits for time one week at say 60 degrees working up to two minutes with no pain. (I’m already there) Then progress to 75 or so degrees, working my way to ninety by the end of six weeks. She also encouraged me to get back into foam rolling. YAY! I’ve been avoiding that since September when the blood clot was diagnosed. Nice to have that tool back in my box.

No squatting, no barbells, no running…this means lots of ring work, pull up work, core work, stationary bike and rowing (with the injured leg extended resting on a medicine ball, so there’s no push, torque or tension) and beach muscle work, via lots of seated exercises for the next six weeks or so. I’m kind of looking forward to it.

I went to the gym Friday after a two week hiatus and worked through the stretching, foam rolling and added some old shoulder rehab work as well for good measure.

Doug asked if I was participating in the day’s assigned work. We looked at the board together:

10 Min EMOM Muscle Up Work: “Yeah, that I can and need to do. I’m in for that.”

Tabata Double Unders: “Nope.”

For Time:
10-8-6-4-2 HSPU
2-4-6-8-10 Power Clean (185/115)

“Again, nope. Guess I’m on my own there.”

With some time and thought, could I have figured out a WOD around that? Possibly. Frankly, I just wanted to test the wheels and see how things responded.

Interesting discovery during the Muscle Up Work. I tried to sub in pull ups. Turns out kipping torques the knee and makes it uncomfortable. This means all rig and ring work for now is going to need to be strict. It’s gonna be humbling, but it’s the best thing for me.

I’m one of those stereotypical crossfitters who never looked back once I figured out kipping. My strict pull ups and ring work are very weak. This is going to force me to concentrate on that. Kind of annoying, yet I’m kind of grateful to have the situation force my hand.

Saturday I coached my three assigned classes. I was very conscientious of my leg. I explained to each class that I was one week removed from surgery and therefore not as mobile as normal. I explained that I would have others demonstrate movements that I would normally show them. I even took one of the gym chairs outside to give my self an occasional sitting spell. However, I never actually used the chair. By the time three hours was up my legs were tired. Not sore, just a bit swollen and very tired. I went straight home and spent the rest of the afternoon with my foot elevated and ice packed on the knee.

That’s another aspect of all of this that I have to embrace. I find myself lying around thinking, “I could be doing this. I should be doing that. I should be getting something accomplished with this time.” I have to change my thinking and embrace that providing my leg the rest it requires to heal properly IS accomplishing something and it requires attention.

Monday, April 18

So the prescribed WOD for today was

Overhead Squat
Establish 1RM

21 – 15 – 9:
Deadlifts (225/155)
Box Step-Overs (sandbag on back)

Doug and I looked at that briefly together and again agreed that I was on my own today.

I worked through 3 sets of 3 reps of ring pull ups. I tried to stay strict and maintain a good hollow body position, but in the last set especially, by the time I was at the top of the rep I was damn near in a pike position. This is going to require a LOT of work.

I mixed in my stretching, wall sits and foam rolling and then developed the following personal METCON:

Cal Bike Ride
Seated DB Press (25# ea)

While I wanted to move constantly and minimize rest, I also kept telling myself (especially while on the bike), “this is NOT for time! This is for rehab and recovery.” I deliberately worked to reign myself in and not race through any element.

I rode at a pace around 14-15 miles per hour. I probably could have upped the weight a bit for the presses. Supermans proved to be TOUGH. The most challenging part being getting up and down from the floor at either end of a set! Didn’t see that coming. Down wasn’t too bad. I kind of eased my way into a down dog and lifted the left foot off the floor then sort of wormed my way into a plank and then lowered my chest down to the floor.

Up was much harder. For some reason it never occurred to me to try and reverse that process. I instinctually kept wanting to return to my knees in a table top position and that’s just not cool right now. Took a bit to find a way to angle the left leg out about 20 or so degrees, rock up onto the right haunch and then tripod up and out. It was weird, but effective.

Finished the workout in under 11 minutes.

After resting a bit I took another 10 minute bike ride covering 73 calories in that time.

In general, I’m pleased to be getting back into a rhythm at the gym. We’ll see where things go from here.