Funky little day at the gym today. Didn’t really plan on getting involved with the main floor workout, but there was more I could do there than I first realized. At the same time, there was a lot of modifying on the fly.

EMOM Muscle Up
First up was some scaled muscle up work. I began by doing three ring pull ups with a four count negative descent. I did this for five rounds, then did a minimum of 4 deep bar dips for the last 5 rounds. I hadn’t planned on going to do dips, but my arms were getting cooked really quickly doing the pull ups. So I needed to find additional work to fill out the time.

Tabata Toe To Bar: I wasn’t really in the mood for toes to bar, but it seemed like they should fall into the category of, “I probably shouldn’t skip those.” So I tried to take part. Turns out the angle to close/bend my knees to touch my toes to the bar between my feet is still too sharp to do repeatedly. So I bailed out of the first round. The second time around, I thought I would do knees to elbow. That angle is equally uncomfortable. So I dropped off the bar after only two reps. I was getting a bit frantic about what to do for the remaining 6 rounds. Suddenly, I had a bit of inspiration: side swings!

I thought, “I’ll do some MovNat side swings. It will work my grip. It’s a basic deadhang position, so there’s no tuck or stress on the knee. Perfect.” I shifted over from station on the rack to a higher Speal bar one station over. When Coach Doug called, “Go.” I hopped up toward the bar. However, I failed to account for how much higher this new bar was and I didn’t jump strongly enough on my right foot. I caught the bar with just the fingertips of my right hand and missed completely with my left. This set me swinging forward. I knew I was going to fall and I wanted to protect my knee.

I let go and dropped onto my right foot, but my weight was shifted way back due to the swing. I landed off balance sat back in a rough barely controlled pistol into an off-kilter backward roll. I was fine and I laughed all the way through the fall and roll. Still, Doug came by to check on me and Brian who was across the rig from me stopped to see how I was. I assured them both that I was fine, but confirmed with Doug that I was done on the rig for the day. Actually what I said was, “I think the rig is done with me for today.” I sat out the rest of the tabata rounds, went to the stationary bike for a ride and thought about the METCON.

Bike Ride was fine. I rode 10 minutes at a bit more than 15 mph covering 1.6 miles and 70-ish calories. I believe.

The assigned Metcon for the day was:
For Time:
50 Power Clean and Jerks, (135/95)
Every minute on the minute, including the first minute, complete 5 Chest to Bar Pullups
Time cap of 15 minutes

Clearly, clean and jerks were out of the question and I really wanted to work directly on some core work. So I devised the following:

20 Hollow Rock
20 Superman
20 Side Swings (yes, I went back to the rig)
EMOM 5 right leg pistols (holding onto rig)

I didn’t set a fixed time. I resolved to work until the last athlete doing the assigned WOD finished.

Hollow rocks were great. I really enjoyed those. I need to continue to work them more.

Supermans were much less great. I didn’t enjoy those nearly as much and I REALLY need to work THOSE more. But now I know.

Side swings: When I picked the appropriate bar and jumped carefully, these were good work. Nice combination of grip work and body line focus.

Pistols, even holding onto the rig, were miserable. I felt very creaky and tight throughout my legs and hips. Looking forward to the time when I can mobilize evenly and thoroughly.

The last athlete doing the prescribed WOD finished just under 10 minutes. I chose to cap my METCON at 10 minutes. At that point, I had completed 3 full rounds + 10 additional hollow rocks. Not bad.

Looking ahead a little bit, I’m already thinking about Memorial Day and the traditional Murph Hero WOD.

By the time Memorial Day comes around I will be 7 weeks removed from surgery and should in theory be allowed to do full squats. I’m mulling over how I want to go about taking part in that WOD as sort of a celebration of having two healthy legs under me again.

Don’t anyone worry. I’m not going to do the whole thing alone. Two miles of running and 300 air squats is definitely overkill as a ‘welcome back.’ Still, I’m thinking if I partner with someone to split the calisthenics by half and either split the runs at least by half (maybe more) or sub in some rowing; that seems like a healthy challenging way to say “I’m back!”

We’ll see how it goes. That’s still over a month out and we’ll have to see how things change between now and then, but it’s definitely on my mind.