Found just the right balance where the coach wouldn’t let me quit, but I couldn’t quite get all the work in under the time cap either.

Skill work for the day was Turkish Get Ups. My knee is not ready for those yet. In between the end of the 6am bootcamp and the 7:15 WOD I attempted a couple with no load. Doing a right side get up you end up kneeling directly on the left knee. That was uncomfortable, so I elected not to do that. I attempted a left hand get up and while you’re never resting on that knee I wasn’t comfortable with the strain in my knee when trying to stand that up. So I elected to do some balance beam work.

I had 16 feet of board elevated about 6 inches and hung two 20 pound kettlebells on a 15 pound barbell. The boards were not in a straight line. There was roughly a 60 degree turn from one board to the other. Going forward wasn’t too big of a challenge. But I made several attempts at navigating the 16 feet backwards. Unweighted, it wasn’t much of a challenge. However I never was successful at navigating the full 16 feet with the weight on my back. I never considered attempting a turn around. I got bull headed about wanting to get the backwards walk in.

The METCON on the day was:

4 Rounds, Rest 2 minutes between rounds:
10 Burpee Box Overs (24/20)
12 Front Squat (135/95)
Run 400m
Time cap of 20 minutes

When I looked at this one last night I wrote it off and said to myself, “I’ll just ride the bike in the morning.” But when I got to the box today I kept looking at it thinking, “Well, how would I scale it for some one else?” By the time Coach Doug arrived I had a plan and we talked it over.

I suggested the following:

10 x Stepping Over and Crawling Under a PVC bar (roughly mid-thigh height) in the J hooks on the rig
12 shallow front squats (perhaps with a 15# bar)
Row 500M One-legged

Doug agreed to the first and last scales, but suggested using KB Swings again in the middle, upping the reps to 15, and upping the weight that I’d been using lately. I kinda wasn’t in the mood to do swings again, but it made good sense. So we agreed on 15 reps at 35 pounds per round.

The first two rounds were pretty smooth. I really liked the over/under substitution. It allowed me to pull a bit of MovNat into a Crossfit workout. It allowed me to get the up and down motion, but it eliminated the explosive and jarring elements which I’m still required to avoid. biggest hazard was being aware of the rig posts and ensuring that I didn’t smack my head on an upright. These didn’t quite go unbroken. Twice I knocked the bar off the hooks. Once going over, once going under.

KB swings went well. I did all reps all rounds unbroken. Thirty five pounds was a good weight. I felt safe and in control of the weight at all times. Never felt like it was pulling me forward or forcing me to ‘walk’ with the kettlebells.

The rows were ROUGH! The third round in particular was rugged. Somehow I never quite got my foot/leg into a comfortable position on the medicine ball and spent the entire 500M row trying to adjust it. That got distracting, which resulted in me sitting more toward the left side of the seat. That whole row was just awkward.

I completed the third round at 15:40 which meant I would resume at 17:40 and clearly I wouldn’t finish the fourth round under the assigned time cap.

I asked Doug, “just do as much as I can until time runs out?” I was hoping he was going to say yes and I was going to get a bit of a reprieve on the work.

He said, “no. Finish it. Your rounds haven’t slowed down too much. The rest is still working for you. See it through.”

“Ok.” In my head I was thinking, “Bummer.” I finished the WOD in 21:43. Decent.

In the end, it was a very good workout. I was sweaty, tired, but not beat up and a few hours later the knee still feels great. So mission accomplished all around. Next time I just need to a) be a bit faster so I get it all in on time, or b) be a bit slower so Doug takes pity on me. 😉